You get back a fingerprint to iPhone again?!

Since Phone iPhone X and smart phones started to rely on facial recognition technology as a means for identity verification rather than fingerprint, but that the latest reports about it from the website Apple Insider tells us that Apple may turn and fingerprint-recognition technology from New!

هل تعود بصمة الإصبع إلى الآيفون مجدداً ؟!

You get back a fingerprint to iPhone again?!

Recognition technology fingerprint iPhone Touch ID may come back again in parallel with the technology of facial recognition Face ID most likely, and will support Apple also updated the technique to identify the fingerprint in the iPhone 2019 or other versions next.

Wouldn’t you think Apple on the fingerprint sensor traditional because it has become inappropriate to the new instructions for the iPhone instead, you will resort to the technique of fingerprint identification, built inside of the screen which began to see the light of day in recent times.

The technique of fingerprint identification, built inside of the screen depend on the sensors ultrasound to map the details of the fingerprint and then compared to the fingerprint pre-recorded on the phone, and thus be in front of the user two options to confirm his identity at all times needs so in case your health news is that will Apple will not abandon technology Face ID as that the fingerprint sensor will be a replacement anyway.

Are you with the return of the technical fingerprint Touch ID to the iPhone again?

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