You have to be careful of extra block ads AdBlock and uBlocker counterfeit

In the codification of the particular city, announced the technical team on site AdGuard specialist plus the Extension for your browser, if there is extra site to use ad-blocking available on the Google strike Google Chrome Web Store , these lights in fact, the fake perfectly, though the number of the level of your thumbs. exceeded millions.

Participated for the networking sites

Restates the name AdBlock by AdBlock Inc. and open the by Charlie Lee, the extra two to mislead the users to be professionally where carrying the names of the extra two get two working the credibility of the blocking of adverts offered by websites when you visit them through the browser Google Chrome.

I didn’t handle these case on spoofing the name of the Extra Official original only bear names the names of the developers of the original two. At the time that the number of users reported the falsity of these additions and exploitation of user activity on the internet, though, except that Google didn’t take any action about it until the moment.

blockAdded the original on top and below fake

According to AdGuard the the real goal behind these additions to the fake ad-blocking is “stuffing cookies – cookies” which is used as a blueprint for trading, when the user performs one of these plugins, visit the e-commerce site like Amazon) and make any purchase he gets from the store on commission from that page as if it is made to convince the user of this product or that !! And from behind it the millions of dollars per month.

According to AdGuard, there are 1.6 million active users depends on those extra fake despite the availability of additions to the real original on the App Store with the same name

For more on the mechanism of action of these lights and the way try them to see details in blog here. Where displays the location how are these lights working on the extra codes speed all link to website is working for his visit, including what is in the background.

How to protect yourself from those additions

  • If you intend to install additional browser, think again. Maybe I don’t need to?
  • When you visit the follow additions to the Google Chrome Web Store, don’t believe what you read in the description that damage and you’re aware that most assessments are not necessarily real.
  • Read reviews of use the extra kiss won’t help you a lot in getting to the truth, the extra two we’re speaking of get excellent ratings and reviews positive, and the truth is opposite of all this.
  • Don’t use the internal search WebStore, and then install the plugins from the sites developers trusted directly.


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