You keyboard MacBook Pro 16 inch became quieter? This test reveals that

Represents the MacBook Pro new 16 inch back to the keyboard design of the Apple original. It features a mechanism to switch the scissor instead of the butterfly design of the controversial and unreliable. One of the biggest problems in the keyboard of the butterfly is that her voice is much higher than the designs of the traditional keyboard.

Designed a new test conducted by the newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” to see how quiet keyboard MacBook Pro new from Apple compared to the design of the butterfly and other laptops.

I know of

You say Apple TV if your MacBook Pro 16 inch provides a “printing experience with reliable and quiet”. Of course, I don’t think the Apple TV also that the keyboard design of the butterfly submitted in 2015 his voice was abnormally high.

At the same time, owns a computer Pixelbook Go Google what the company calls a “volume keys”, which are designed by the company to write virtually silent.

Put the keyboard to the laptop from different companies in the test, I went to the press to experience the silent room in the Cooper Union, a College of Arts and architecture in New York City. Because the room absorbs the reflective sound waves, you can only measure “the sound coming directly from the objects inside the room”.

In that room was to put meter decibel to measure the sound of each keyboard, and then write the same article on each panel of the keyboard. Computers laptops in this test was 2018 MacBook Air, وMacBook Pro new 16 inch, وMacBook Pro 2015, Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, and dll XPS 13, Google Pixelbook-the-Go.

  • Typewriter – got to 60.2 DB
  • MacBook Air with butterfly keyboard – got 41.9 DB
  • Surface Laptop 3 – I got the 33.8 DB
  • Dell XPS 13 – got 32.3 DB
  • 2015 MacBook Pro – got 31.2 DB
  • MacBook Pro 16 inch – got 30.3 DB
  • Pixelbook Go – got to 30.1 DB

As you can see, the MacBook Pro new 16 inch have achieved good performance through its new design for the keyboard. Came in second place after Pixelbook Go ahead very small.

So what does this mean? It really seems that Apple had made significant improvements on the design of the keyboard laptop MacBook Pro 16 inch. This is good for the recognition of the sound level and the duration of the clicking is generally the key.

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