You kill Apple keyboard with Facebook?

Using Apple TV at work to bring about a revolution in keyboards and MacBook, may include its plan making a virtual keyboard able to change according to user requirements, Add to make the painting invincible and fully against the dirt, so let’s take a look at how you could open the MacBook revolution in the keyboard.A touchscreen keyboard would be a dream come true. Really!

Reports have begun to plan Apple make a radical change with the keys to the devices MacBook to emerge after the publication of the United States Office of patents and intellectual property of three applications for patents have been submitted on 28 March 2018, where the campaign had three requests address as “device – interface system compact” and discussed all of them how to improve the experience of using the keyboard to MacBook through the use of the lower part of transparent glass or plastic, there are below a number of sensors capable of sensing place to the user for the bottom of the device and how strong is the pressure.

An Apple patent explains how a new keyboard design would use a variety of techniques to prevent dust and other particles from jamming the keys.

It is also possible to have the same small screen lights up the keyboard from the bottom, in addition to the ability to display symbols and letters of different cover languages and the works of the user, with customize the color and default as the user wishes.

A 2018 patent filing describes how Apple would build an adaptive display that can detect where a user is pressing and how hard.

It seems to make sense in our current age, and we count on the suggestions and predictions of keyboards on our smart phones in order to increase the Write speed, which make traditional keyboards look very old.

While describing some of the patents of the other possibility of making the surfaces surrounding the keyboard of the traditional untouchable, what allows the use of pass-specific hands on in order to perform specific missions, in addition to give the user a sense of touching real keys, are comparable to Force Touch used in touch panels the current MacBook Pro.

A 2018 Apple patent describes something involving “dual display equipment with enhanced visibility and suppressed reflections.”

It also made Apple the idea of installing a real keyboard over the version of virtual users who do not wish to abandon the current painting.

A 2016 Apple patent describes a concept called “zero travel,” which the company defines as imperceptible or unrecognizable movement on the keyboard and touchpad.

Have included a proposed version of the keyboard there is a panel with flat keys very same height of the bottom of the MacBook with a fabric cover made of airtight cover the color completely, as this will be a material flexible enough to push the color buttons to the bottom without having to slot the bottom of each button of color buttons of the Kiev lands.

A 2018 Apple patent  filing titled "Keyless keyboard with force sensing and haptic feedback" explains how the company could one day kill physical keyboards.

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