You know on the first branch of the services “te” system franchise

In parallel with the celebrations of the designers of the anniversary of the January revolution and the police, set up a company AT-DATA the Egyptian company leading in the field of communication services and the huge party attended by a number of measurements of the te business, to announce the opening of its first branch on the pyramid in Giza Governorate in cooperation with the te system, franchising, to provide all the services of the te both the sale of mobile chip, replace or recharge or pay your bills, whether mobile or telephone landline as well as Internet .

He Ahmed Abdallah, President of the company AT-DATA, expressed his happiness for choosing among the leading distributors of telecom as the first telecommunication operator integrated in the Egyptian market, noting that the company’s goal is to increase the size of the customer network WE provide best services to the highest professional level, especially that section with all services provided by te treatment on the sale of the first Egyptian Phone of manufacture of company “will” SICO.

Added Abdullah, in a statement, that branch of the pyramid is one of 10 branches of the company intends to advertise its opening through the current year, whether in Cairo or in Upper Egypt, where up space the oven to 140 square meters, and provide all means of safety and comfort provide all services for customers of te valued of over 100 employees ready to respond to any queries and assistance, express check customer.

He added that te has succeeded in record time to win the confidence of the designers, where the company attracted 2 million customers within 60 days of starting to provide mobile services, the company seeks to increase the numbers of participants during the current period.

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