You know on “the generosity of Sol”; the Egyptian company make the power of the sun closer to the user’s home

Many are the attempts that seek to exploit the sun of Arab region is bright in order to achieve development for a sustainable region. But, despite those attempts, keep the solar energy in the region is Stable when compared to attempts at similar work on other countries that see the warm sun for limited periods of the year.

While States around the world to talk to the areas of clean energy on quality, keep the solar energy is the best way to the countries of the Arab region to be like in the decades to come.

Has made some countries of the region some of the achievements in relation to this area, in particular the United Arab Emirates through the direct “source” of clean energy. In Egypt, the company “the generosity of Sol – KarmSolar” one of those successful projects that are not advertised by a lot of people which organization looks forward to the future strategy very successful.

The company was founded in Egypt in 2011, working in the areas of transformation to clean energy from the sun in a practical manner. Produce “vine Sol” solutions to improve the water pumps for the solar as a substitute for electricity, and expanded the company launched a subsidiary company, does not carry the name of “Karam Bild – Karm Build” working on the construction of urban communities, solar-powered fully.

The company began licensing its services to improve the homes for solar instead of electricity, thereby becoming the company’s first official in Egypt get a license to supply home electrical power derived from the rays of the sun.

Announced “vine Sol” a few days ago about the signing of the first agreement of its kind, the company operates under to provide a shopping mall in sixth of October city with solar electric power is clean. The longer the project will provide the business center “the pillars of the mall” solar is the first project of its kind company who works to provide the draft of constructivism commercial energy. Aims the deal which is expected to be completed in 2021 to bring solar energy is completely 100% as an alternative to electric power to run the Trade Centre full.

But the project is not the only one who works with solar energy carried out by the company, it is prior supplied products company “taze buyer” at the Siwa oasis of the Egyptian and some other projects competing to varying degrees of reliance on solar energy for a number of clients.

Thanks to its partnership with the Egyptian government, “the generosity of Sol” one of the innovative solutions to the very customers in the region, where it allows the user to home the possibility of installing a system to generate power from the sun’s rays to side-by-side with the power of government, traditional, and calculated the amount of energy generated from the solar system to the user automatically on a monthly basis, in the case of increased solar energy production the need for use of electricity, the user gets a balance of $ 0.7 pounds for every kWh that was generated and not used by, the Or in the case of increased use of solar energy generated is calculated on the conventional power used per month.

Are startups undoubtedly the great hope in achieving the exploitation for renewable abundantly available such as solar energy in the Arab region.


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