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There are some public events that we would want to share it to be available to many people in our society; if we post it on our page on the social media platform, it probably won’t show up in Google platform for search, where they are not able to usually users to search for events to find the publication on Facebook or Twitter for example; where you have to search on the product itself from the event. In addition, all of these platforms have a learning curve, which makes it difficult for many people not only to exchange local news, but also find.

Google Bulletin

Which is what made Google evaluates the application of the Bulletin, a new application in the testing phase. Goal of the app is to give people the ability to share stories is important in their community only through their phones, according to reports the app is supposed to cast light on the story without effort.

There are three main aspects to develop the Bulletin; the first is that it is supposed to help you figure out the story that is not posted, secondly the story published on the app are always public and easy to discover in Google search results as well as through social networks or through links sent to email messaging applications, and thirdly, it does not require a specific setting to create a story all you need is a phone.

How to work Google application Bulletin

  • Get the app

Application Bulletin is a free application and lightweight, which is currently available as a limited; for this demo version you must request access; but, unfortunately, after sending the request there is no guarantee that it will be approved. Most likely, the application setup will not require more than a Google Account.

  • Write the story and publish it

Details are still few about this point; but it seems that the app you can capture and share photos, videos and texts from your phone directly; to be posted directly to the internet without the need to create a blog or build a website. It is not clear whether Google will decide or consider this story, in an attempt to check its accuracy and quality.

Google has added that users will also be able to share the story via social networks or via links from e-mail messaging applications, according to the city, “Sammy-kun” -that were present at the launch of the app – the users would be able to update the story continuously and the statistics of viewers in real time.

  • Site Bulletin e-mail

Location Google application Bulletin e-mail is not available yet; but you’re supposed to be able to when you launch a site of use it to find and display the stories of the application of the Bulletin. Google has confirmed that this service need only phone, and that the stories of the app will always be public and easy discovery in Google search results, so the role of the exact location is not clear significantly in the current time.

  • Google News

It seems that the application of the Bulletin is linked to the news of Google; because the community guidelines community guidelines for the present on the support page for Google News, which is due to the fact these releases of general users can be directly published on the web.

Application Bulletin is now available in the city of Nashville in Tennessee and the city of Oakland in California, and placed Google any details about the date of availability of application for public use beyond the trial version.


This topic you know on the Google application Bulletin appeared on Engadget.

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