You know on the segment U1 of the new usefulness in the iPhone 11 !

Phones iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max contains chip U1 new. They are those, slide the new one? How do they operate? And how it will benefit users? This is what we learn during this article.

شريحة U1 في هواتف آيفون 11

What is the segment U1 is?

Is a custom segment for positioning with high accuracy depending on the radio waves, Ultra WideBand and Bluetooth. Apple didn’t remember a lot of detail about it in the last press conference, but there is some information on the official website.

You provided U1 using radio waves to determine the location of Apple devices and other supported standalone slide in range nearby places such as GPS system home. Also reliable in transferring files across the feature AirDrop.

The benefits of chip U1

  • Determine the distance between devices and some of them accurately
  • More accurate than Bluetooth to locate other devices the same technique.

There are many uses of the most promising of those slide like unlock your car without a key, augmented reality, navigation inside the house, music systems that allocate the images according to the location of the listener and other uses promising that we’ll see in the near future.

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