You know the 5 most recent properties brought to you by WhatsApp

Facebook Inc. has announced, during the events of its recent F8 developers, it will increase the application of watts August with some new features, among them the characteristics that help entrepreneurs as well as to develop the new EU regulation to protect the privacy of users.

New features include video chats collective which has already reached a limited number of users of Android phones and iPhone is expected to be available soon to everyone.

And property when making a video call to normal via the app, to show a small icon in the upper right corner of the company to add more people to the conversation.

The second property is asked to report the information maintained by the application about you.

Discover what he knows about you WhatsApp that way

The second property is a group decision, which it is not permitted for non-managers to send messages and experiences with them, while members can read the messages.

The fourth is to share publications to facebook with WhatsApp, which is still in experimental phases, through the trial version to develop a Facebook smartphone.

Soon, you can share your publications Facebook via WhatsApp

The property of the fifth special application WhatsApp Business, a filters conversations to enable App users to find the required messages quickly.

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