You know the best search engines are not watching, or collecting data about you

Best search engine not monitored

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We all know the famous search engines known, which we use daily and supported, the most common search engine Google, where the percentage of users of this engine is the famous more than 98% in all parts of the world, followed by the search engine Bing, Yahoo and other search engines that are used commonly.

But these engines and their advantages, they only follow you in one way or another by collecting data about you and then stored for marketing purposes, and this, in turn, is violation of user’s privacy on the internet, they are you log all the IP numbers that work on access through the internet in addition to the MAC address or the address that you enter them, in order to track your activity on the network and websites that you visit.

In return, you’re not forced to use those engines which he or she violate the privacy, if you’re interested, you’ll find that there are search engines other alternative and safer, we recommend that you follow up on this topic, which provide you with the best search engines do not violate any of your privacy at all.

The best search engines are not watching, or collecting data about you.

محرك بحث ويب Startpage

Engine web search Startpage

Is the search engine Startpage of the most powerful engines that you show the best search results to the user in accordance with the latest algorithms, the engine is protected against the severe all your searches Dear user, moreover, does not say to track your your activity at all, and do not collect about you any information, therefore no storage search words or number, your IP address and use not even for the address you were signed in,
This depends of the engine on the proxy server , a proxy server prevents tracking you or even view your geographic location.

محرك بحث ويب GIBIRU

Search engine web GIBIRU

Of the fastest search engines, which is subordinate to the NSA Search Engines which the US National Security Agency gives this engine search results nature not related to the NSA, so the user can filter on this engine is very safe without watching one.

محرك بحث Yippy

Search engine Yippy

If you are looking for the best research program is completely secure you can trust in the engine Yippy amazing, it’s guaranteed not to track anyone for you, to ensure the safety of your privacy fully and find the log keyword.


The search engine WolframAlpha

If you are looking for search engine safe and extremely fast ,use WolframAlpha

Because it offers a way to search safe and fast and even has better search results, it knows you better results most trusted, therefore ensure to find the right information allusive what you ask for in a search engine, is the engine continued to buy the alpha to provide search feature is especially good for those looking in the area of Information Security.

This was a list of the best search engines that enjoy safe and maintain the privacy of the user, does not need to handle just doing for the name of the engine and then start the search for anything you want.


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