You know the Bulletin: this has changed Google way to get information and news

Of all the things that the focus of Google is great is the preservation of the huge influx of information that reach them, where to invest Google data from searches to improve its software and services significantly, and with the failed social network Google +to prove herself in front of facebook and twitter, it seems that Google has reached a magic solution: service Bulletin.

What revealed by Google Now is the platform of the new participatory, different from all its previous attempts, it can be said they are the: target of the platform Bulletin is to build interactive content and make users are the source of news and information and is not borrowed from official websites and news agencies.

How will that happen? Well, you want Google to make a Bulletin Analyzer Tool – at least at the present time – can be employed to get the news fast, simple: imagine that you went out of the house and discovered that there’s a problem next door to you, you will be able to simply log in on the “community” in the neighborhood residential which you live in published photos show that the store is closed, or maybe a video capture and disseminate it within the community. This kind of news and notices can not get it from news sites, at the same time is very important to the details of daily life.

The second feature that will be the focus of Google within the platform Bulletin is to make all stories public so that they can be found by Google services and other, which helps to enrich the content significantly.

Keep only negative associated with the house is that they are still experimental is currently confined to the number of very small cities and communities in the United States of America. Anyway, Nice of you to tell Google to use them on a limited level and ensure their effectiveness and success fully, before you launch them dramatically and then fail at the level of the world.

What do you think of the idea of platform Bulletin is? Do you think she’ll find her way in the future as one of the best networks of communication and exchange of news and information? Join us your opinion in the information.


Source: know on Bulletin: this has changed Google way to get information and news

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