You know the copy Moschino of Honor 20 Pro

You know the copy Moschino of Honor 20 Pro

Published Honor (Honor), the brand manufacturer of smart phones, the new images reflect the form of the copy Moschino (Moschino), which is their version of the phone its the latest (Honor 20 Pro), which is expected to be available in local markets soon.

As is seen in the photo, the copy Moschino (Moschino) come in black with the words “this is not a telephone Moschino” engraved on the back in gold, besides the logo (Honor) etched also golden balloon, and the cover of external attractive and carries the words “this is not the cover of Moschino”.

Recall that this phone embodies the fruit of cooperation, which was signed by the company in the month of December last year with a mark of fashion Italian Moschino (Moschino), where I’ve always dealt Honor (Honor) with the companies of the fashion world to launch a special version of the look of fashion, which explores fashion lovers and fashion.

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