You know the image of a person from his number + call recording

Can you apply the two special, the first application is where you can get call recording feature in your phone with the high quality, the app is the second dedicated to get information relating to your even if anonymous numbers .

The application CallX

It is the application carries many of the features that everyone’s looking for, for the ability to deal with any variety of Health and high quality and here is a recording of all calls without tone or alarm so you don’t know the caller that you are recording the call.

You can save the recorded calls on the website of Dropbox or Google Drive and also identify the contacts that you want to record incoming calls, the app gives you also the possibility to watch the recorded calls with your friends through the networking sites or send via Bluetooth or even copy it to your computer, and you can save recordings on the phone’s internal memory or external.

The nice thing about this app is that you can protect it with a password to prevent anyone from accessing and listening to the calls, it also logs the incoming and outgoing reverse some of the apps that you sign only one party, the application is easy to deal with all of the options where you can work through three options, is to select the list of names who wish to register their names or to operate on the set to record all calls or not to register them permanently.

The app is free and the best call recording apps.

Link to the app :

The application CALLX

The application of Eyecon

This of the most powerful applications of the display area is the image of the owner of the number as it displays his name, where he works on search for information relating to all social networking sites. We that easy-to-use and free .

Link to the app :

The application of EYECON

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