You know the media’s favorite teenagers.. snapchat in the article


When it comes to the best social media different, the teens have a tendency different from the rest of the age groups, where a recent study revealed that despite the great fame he enjoyed by Facebook and twitter, but that teenagers prefer a number of the social networks.

According to the published site statistics market statista U.S., which revealed the statistics of the first quarter of 2018, and that teenagers prefer snapchat in the first place, 45% of young people surveyed the poll of the approximately 6000 facilities in the network Instagram, in second place with 26%, in miss Twitter on Facebook, where he owned a network of tweets around 9%, while Facebook owns 8%, and ranged the rest of the women to other networks.

And the poll that over the past three years and under snapchat is a communication network favorite network, followed by Instagram, in second place, while the varied degree of competition between facebook and twitter.

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