You know the most important features of the new generation of the development of Wi-Fi networks

Longer codes Wi-Fi standard of the complex is a little bit weird, where we use the “802.11 ac” Ki throw to the Wi-Fi standard which is used by our devices, as they represent a group of numbers and letters involved, but the previous generation of Wi-Fi networks hopes to solve this problem through standard an updated planning to launch it officially by the end of the current year, let us learn the details of it.

The Union of the Wi-Fi is the organization responsible for Report Development and design standards, Wi-Fi, so that due to the increased complexity of the hardware and internet connections, change the process of wireless connection, which means that the Wi-Fi standard that contains the technical specifications for the various devices supporting this communication must evolve constantly.

The labels of the new standard Wi-Fi

wi fi direct mimics bluetooth but with faster speed longer range alliance

wi fi direct mimics bluetooth but with faster speed longer range alliance

Though, I’ve always caused a registration to the Wi-Fi of the inconvenience for ordinary people outside the industry, the so-called Union of the Wi-Fi start using a method called new, which is what will start the beginning of the new standard named Wi-Fi 6, but also retroactively to the standards above, includes both Wi-Fi 5 current instead of 802.11 ac, which began in 2014 Wi-Fi 5 VI instead of 802.11 ac, which began in 2009.

The most important characteristic of Wi-Fi 6

In the time that you finish many of the new technologies, help wi-fi Standard 6 to cope with them various shapes and types.

Benefits of Wi-fi 6 (802.11ax)

Benefits of Wi-fi 6 (802.11ax)

Start characteristic of the new standard with reduced latency which improves the speed of opening pages while avoiding the problem of cutting the usual trend, in addition to providing faster connections through the support of several new technologies to improve the quality of service for phones and mobile devices support, add to determine the extent of coverage and minimize the presence of areas that come to get a good connection within any home.

This, finally, will focus on the new to provide less power consumption in smart, which makes batteries for smartphones, laptops last longer.

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