You know the name of any song or music present in the background of any video via this site Friday !

You may be a fan of the most popular app Shazam, which helps the users to identify the song you are listening to it, but today we we liked the alternative, which is a new tool very similar to the investigation, it is a site so you may not need to install or download any software or application to get to the song that you play on YouTube.


Site link qiiqoo

You just have to give QiiQoo opportunity and access to it from the link above, no problem if you use a smartphone, computer or tablet. QiiQoo a location you can access from any device, only need connection to the internet, then you’ll find yourself in front of the facade, divided and the subject very clearly provide you three ways through which you can grant the site the song and therefore he will act on them.

If the first of these parts that knows a large percentage of the Color Blue, especially to identify songs through a microphone on your computer or smart phone.

Otherwise you can use the second option, which I don’t think it will be between your uses are so many that it asks you to provide a video from YouTube don’t miss the 10 or 20 seconds, and the role of this option is to recognize the existing songs in the background of clips on YouTube, just copy video link and put it in the box shown on the Red part.

And finally the option that will be used is the largest, with the option of pink on the right, which gives you the opportunity to know the song located in the video and specify the address it by raising it by clicking on the Upload button. there, you can use this option in the Battle songs in YouTube videos by uploading it and re-upload them to this site.

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