You know the Pixel Buds 2 – to hear Google’s new wireless!

Among the products that were unveiled at the Google conference last headphones Google wireless for 2019 a Pixel Buds 2 in which you will compete many of the sky similar to like Apple AirPods 2 and Galaxy Buds and Huawei FreeBuds 3 and others.

تعرف على Pixel Buds 2 : سماعة جوجل اللاسلكية الجديدة!

Headphones Google new wireless Pixel Buds 2 look small size less than Apple AirPods and a bit larger than Galaxy Buds and a round shape protrusion a little to fit the shape of the ear easily while preventing her fall.

Headphones allow the passage of air inside the ear to give the user more satisfaction while wearing them so as not to feel the user to his ear “hush-hush” but they also block external noise to some extent.

تعرف على Pixel Buds 2 : سماعة جوجل اللاسلكية الجديدة!

The body of the fish and supports multi-touch operation and stop and study the images and run the plugin the personal Google Account and enjoy all its advantages such as the advantage of live upgrade and implementation of voice commands.

Battery headphones Google Pixel Buds 2 lasts up to 5 hours in single charge and can be recharged several times using the tray charging up the battery life in total (Sky + Box Shipping) to 24 hours.

Also enjoy headphones with Adaptive Sound which you modify the sound level automatically when you move from a quiet environment to the environment by external noise annoying without the user lowering and raising the volume manually frequently.

تعرف على Pixel Buds 2 : سماعة جوجل اللاسلكية الجديدة!

Microphone speakers Google Pixel Buds 2 can distinguish The Voice of the user and blocking outside noise to give the best sound while making calls thanks to accelerator built-in audio speakers which can define the sound via the vibrations transmitted through the lower jaw.

Google also claims that the connection headphones the Bluetooth with other devices stable even after a 3-room or after the equivalent of a football field!

Headphones Google Pixel Buds 2 will through the spring of 2020 at the price of 180$ in four colors: white, black, orange (the same colors are also used in phones pixels 4 and the pixels 4 XL new) in addition to the color green.

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