You know the platform BlueRide that offer smart solutions to organize the work of the dismissed students of the school

تعرف على منصة BlueRide التي تقدم حلولًا ذكية لتنظيم عملية انصراف طلاب المدارس

What is the ultimate goal of technical ideas as long as you do not provide us with solutions to highlight things? Maybe we need to review ourselves over to stand on the amount of milk that can be exploited to provide some ideas with all the safety to help in the simplest or the most difficult things daily, especially if the value.

Platform BlueRide or play one of those ideas that facilitate the daily life of not using technology, providing smart solutions to implement the process for dismissed students in the schools in a manner that is safe, fast, and also offer great ease in handling, to allow all parents the ability to stay up to date with their children.

The idea of home is easy being a cleaning process of the arrival and the departure of students without the need for the cards away, and fight the suffering delays, unexpected problems and other. Where to the immune system that alerts the school when approaching the car or the person the student will happen 5 minutes via GPS technology, and then will call the student as soon as the driver by notifying the employees and the appearance of the image of the student screen in the direction of the school, and then will supervisors to inspect a guard of the school to connect the student to the driver and matching the information to ensure his safety.

Works the driver or the person who will come to take the student to notify the school coming through the app on his smart phone, then confirm the data go via the app of the school, to be safe operation in full, where the guardian of the identity of the person who will lead my son through the app and the school to ascertain his identity when shopping.

Aim platform BlueRide to overcome the problems of delay and loss of the card to leave, organize and facilitate the discharge process of the school, to alleviate the pressure resulting from delay due to congestion, facilitate communication with the school administration, reduction of process time queue and call the students, and to mitigate the level of noise resulting from the cleaning fluid to leave the traditional.

The parents follow the flight path of their work during back the driver to take the child, and update authority to someone or several people to receive a child depending on the circumstances and Times, see the details of operations away from the time were full and easy, as well as the use of guardians for the same account for more than students in different schools.

Water good also for the organization, they take into account the problem of non-possession of driver smart phone carrying the app, so the iPad be installed for everyone at the entrance to the school can be accessed through the account confirmation process to go.

The product adopts integrated, where the user can enjoy its services no matter the type of system used, which have a special application phones Android One phones iPhone.

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