You know the real loser in the wars between the companies

The end of 2011 were sent for testing my acceptance in iPhone Islam is “arewars between companies where” its time to talk to a legal conflict which began to appear between companies may lead to losses in creativity cited by the Chairman of Google and a board member of former Apple Eric set. But when I thought about this conflict in the year 2018 and found that there is a loser. It’s we’re the real losers in the conflict between the companies.

تعرف على الخاسر الحقيقي في الحروب بين الشركات

An important clarification

This article is not based on a commercial point of view but personal as a user. I don’t care that the conduct of the companies law or right commercially, but look for a loss as a user. I don’t have shares in any company in the world will not win or lose wars.

The insight to me I’m just

In January 2015, “Dennis Woodside” head of the previous phones in Motorola for some of its devices in the history of the company and asked about the erroneous actions such as the launch of the Google phone Nexus 6 a year after the release of the iPhone 5s, but without water, the basic “footprint. Here are the announced Dennis from surprise. His company was already working to provide fingerprints in this phone, but Apple came in July 2012, and acquired the company AuthenTec, which was the best company in the world in this area. The company was working with Motorola phones including the Google Nexus 6 and works with AT&T and so Samsung. But Apple decided to acquisition the dissolution of the company’s contracts with all the actors. Tried to search for alternative but they failed to find a good mark so they wouldn’t provide phone with foresight of lower quality or as provided by Samsung in the S5 (work survey).

In short, I took the Apple the best company in a particular field and the competitors of which did not respond even sold at a high as did Samsung in the OLED screens of an iPhone X. profit Apple has billions from her phone 5sلكن we’re the real loser having our phones many time without the imprint because the best prevention.

Performance less than for war

If the previous example is not clear, here’s an example of a new case in your hold it in your hand, whether 8 or 7 Apple has a problem with Qualcomm and thus decided to progressive recognition on the Intel-Intel for slice of the network LTE/4G in its devices. But I found Apple’s problem is that Qualcomm is the most superior in the world in this area and by significant for Intel. Found engineers that Apple provided the best direction I have Intel lower quality than their counterparts from Qualcomm as well as can’t Intel supply a sufficient quantity while the Qualcomm supply provided faster and greater. Reason and logic says buy apple of Qualcomm, isn’t it!!!

No! Apple decided to buy my partner Intel and the cost of purchases from Qualcomm (or become a are the Main the inability of the Intel) but appeared a new problem; the iPhone that works Qualcomm calls the cops faster LTE than iPhone chip Intel. Here, Apple decided blocking and reduce the performance of a Qualcomm to be a approach to perform the chip Intel. Yes this is real look at the next picture to snap:

The top line, which moves between digital, 4.5, and 5.0 is for the Samsung S7 and the second is an iPhone 7 by the Qualcomm (between 2.3 and 2.7) and then the iPhone SIM Intel (moves between digital 1.5 and 2.1). This means that the iPhone, Qualcomm’s faster than the iPhone Intel, but not a huge difference, iPhone Islam. Well did you notice where the performance of the Samsung S7! This on top of a huge margin. This phone runs Qualcomm X12 the iPhone, “second line” means the Qualcomm X12 … Yes this is true same company, but Apple’s understated performance, all this for Intel.

In short, slice half the speed of a Qualcomm or less than half. But Apple decided to buy it for some devices and reduce the speed of the rest of the slides to be in a speed close to that idle speed, all this for the eyes of war. In the end we are who lose the difference in speed that we’re the real loser.

There is a news currently that Apple will once and for Qualcomm and rely solely on Intel’s upcoming devices

The bottom line

We don’t want to be long provided them with more examples, but we wanted to clarify one important point is that the war between the companies we’re lose in the right way. Apple didn’t think the fast shipping like because they don’t want to win Qualcomm out of water, preferring recently to use the PD because it is free. Billions will end in issues between the companies to avoid companies offer some of the techniques it has advanced technology less because they are in conflict.

What do you think now you see that companies are losing the war with judicial offices, or are we considered the real losers of this war?


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