You know the sales of fish smart during the first quarter of 2018.. Google in the article


The firm revealed market research of Canalys on the number of sales units to fish smart during the first quarter of 2018, which is basically a speaker and a personal assistant on a theoretical basis where the revealed statistics that Google Inc. shipped about 3.2 million units of the Google Home units Google Home Mini all over the world.

According to the published site phonearena India, the company sold Amazon about 2.5 million your Echo, This is the first time you charge Google headphones smart the largest, where shipments increased Google increased by 483% compared to growth of 8% made by Amazon, came in second place company Alibaba of China, which shipped 1.1 million, and in fourth place came the Xiaomi company, which has shipped more than 600 thousand device.

Formed the category of “others”, which includes Apple HomePod is about 1.56 million intelligent headset have been shipped globally in the first quarter, and in the United States, was shipped 4.1 million from the heavens and smart in the period from January to March, the company first three are Google, Amazon and Apple.


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