You know the worst of the 21st century technology

Although it may be difficult to agree on what techniques are bad, only that the definition of these techniques, the bad comes from being did not achieve the noble goals that developed for her, or the proliferation of their use for purposes shameful, so that even the most successful techniques may also be the most damaging, just like a car which are essential in our modern world even though they kill about 1.25 million people per year, so let’s learn today the worst technologies of the current century.

Scooter and Segway

Image result for Segway

Image result for Segway

Started this scooter as an attempt by inventor Dean Kamen to change the shape of transport in the cities, but quickly just became a scooter expensive, impractical, before you start the scooter the smaller the gain a great popularity.

Glasses Google

Image result for Google Glass

Image result for Google Glass

Returns a system failure of Google to track the privacy of users because of the ability to portray any person at any time, where that failure as a platform does not mean failure of the technique itself, especially with the increasing interest in AR.

Techniques to modify children’s genes

Image result for CRISPR babies

Image result for CRISPR babies

Some of the techniques are simply disturbing because of the lack of adequate legislation for its implementation, so that the technical amendments to the gene such as the CRISPR able to make our children born in the future prevention of the full set against all sorts of diseases, but we still don’t know yet if the use of technology on the human and safe completely or not.

The sale of data

Sometimes techniques require faster than laws, which result in increased driving many companies collect and sell data from its users, which affects the personal freedoms of individuals significantly.

Crypto-currencies are

This in the end we will find that some techniques are misuse of their applications, so that digital currencies are currently showing as little of the individuals to become the richest too, while many of individuals poorer, despite the fact that the technique of allocating the list you can take advantage of other areas.

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