You know to the next generation of iPhone.. 3 new phones soon


The company began the manufacture of Semiconductors to TSMC of Taiwan, which company is your manufacturing mainland to Apple, the process of mass production of the next generation of processors are supposed to continue within the lineup of phones iPhoneiPhone new for this year, according to a new report released by the Agency Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, is expected to call this chip the name of the A12, in addition to being the first processing chip used manufacturing process 7 Nm in a commercial device.

The report explained that the use of this manufacturing process within the wafer A12, which form the beating heart of the iPhone, will help to make it faster, smaller and more efficient chip processing manufacturer in accordance with the technique 10 Nm, which is used by Apple in iPhone iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 iPhone X, so that allows the process of switch manufacturing technology to 7 nanometers to improve performance and increase efficiency and keep more space inside.

And Technology 7 Nm to the density of transistors on the chip, although the exact specifications can vary between manufacturers, however, the use of this manufacturing process allows the chip to be smaller, faster and more efficient, and over time can lead to cost saving, and in the meantime the chip leader such as Snapdragon 845 of Qualcomm and A11 Bionic from Apple source phones manufactured in accordance with the technique 10 Nm.

The company TSMC had said in April last that it has begun production of processors with manufacturing 7 Nm, but did not remember the names of the companies that will get this processor, it is said that Apple and TSMCare trying to get a head start in the appropriate chip Qualcomm manufactured according to the same technique, with the entry of Apple and Qualcomm in legal battles.

It seems that the production of chips, TSMC is in favor of selection devices iPhone for 2018, commensurate with the schedule and timetable for the production process, as the company began last year the process of mass production of the chipA11 in the month of may also.

These chips with the highest capacity to run smart phone applications faster, with continued operation of the phone for a longer time before recharging, which is an essential feature in the smart phone industry, so that will be Apple is one of the first companies to manufacture phones that used a technique new slide in consumer devices, but it is not the only one, which is Samsung, the biggest Competitor for Apple, to add such a chip to its phones.

3 phones this fall

To it, revealed that the report that Apple is moving to release three phones at least, of devices iPhone New this fall, where the information indicates that one of these phones iPhone XI Plus is a larger version of the device iPhone X current, in addition to a low cost screen LCD LED 6.1 inch, it is said that the company plans to roll out an updated version of the iPhone X and the current iPhone of the XI, where they are likely to say Apple has officially unveiled its phones in the autumn.=

It should be noted the leadership of South Korean company Samsung announced that they are ready to begin production of a chip designed in accordance with the manufacturing technique 7 Nm on a large scale during the next year, the company had previously manufacture chips for the iPhone, where the co-production of the chip A9 for iPhone 6S with TSMC, but TSMC’s exclusive partner for the Apple TV since then.

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