You left your phone in the cold? Here’s how to fix it

Something that happens to all of us to forget our phone at any place like car, for example, we believe that we do not need him at the moment, but have you ever thought that maybe cause this problem? How?.

Usually be the time that we leave the smartphone in the car be for a few hours and it is not too much time, but when the outside temperature is less than freezing, it may cause some unexpected problems battery of your phone. Where that the biggest problem is the rapid depletion of the battery depending on the degree of the cooler weather to extreme, can produce the smartphone battery from full charge to being completely empty in a matter of minutes.

What’s worse is that after this rapid depletion, it would be impossible to recharge the device.

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But don’t worry! The battery is fine it will be your smart phone just fine. Read this topic to get tips on what you should do if you encounter this problem, then keep reading to find out more about why this happens. Keep in mind the same principles apply to any device with a lithium ion battery including laptops, tablet devices, thus any device with this type of batteries.

  • What do you do if it was your phone that got Frost didn’t ship?

If you have a phone, and I left him in the cold weather and its battery discharged completely and refuses to charge, all you have to do is wait until you get back to normal temperature. This may be simple, what you have to do is put the phone inside and leave it for a few hours where he goes back naturally to its normal state.

If you can’t wait all this time, you can heat up the device very carefully by placing it near a warm surface. Where you can put it in your pocket for example, and put it near (but not on) the radiator.

Be careful, though: you should not put the phone in the oven or microwave and don’t put it never on or near anything hot like a hot plate or electric burner. You anyway you want that the device becomes slightly warm, not burned.

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During the process of heating these, don’t you charge your phone. Just let him regain his nature alone, without connecting the charging cable.

Once you heat up the phone, turn it on. Your battery may be on the same level that it was before to become too cold. If not, please feel free to connect it and ship it as usual.

  • Why drains the cold weather battery?

It is interesting that scientists don’t fully realize why this occurs. Science explained that the cold temperatures are incredibly targeting the lithium ion batteries very quickly, but the reasons are still somewhat obscure.

What we do know is that lithium ion batteries rely on chemical reactions to drink, and this shipment, then this shipment, and that the cold slows down these reactions.

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Each card contains a smart phone are of two types: anode and cathode. When the battery is fully charged, it is included the lithium ions in the graphite porosity in the anode, and when discharged, the ions on the other party to the cathode. Is then the production of electricity when the flow of lithium ions of the individual from the anode to the cathode.

For some reason, when you are putting lithium ion batteries in cold temperatures, the chemical reaction resulting from the movement of lithium ions slows down or even stops completely. Intuit smartphone that the battery is no longer produced recharge sufficient to the counter shipping to one percent or even zero percent. If over time enough to close the phone because it has finished charging, will turn off the phone.

If you try to charge the phone while in this case, you will not use interactions after that because the battery is still very cold. In fact, this may cause a new input sudden voltage problems to the battery.

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Only when you are bringing the battery to a temperature warmer will move lithium ions as usual and everything will work again as expected. This is the reason that a cold battery can be produced from empty to full again just by the return of lithium ions to their nature, what happened in the cold weather is that the ions did not move fully from one end of the battery to another, but it stopped the war.

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