You may recognize the Samsung with ARM and AMD create processors ” strong ” for Android devices

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When it comes to the processors of mobile devices, the Qualcomm is undoubtedly the control of the market. This does not necessarily mean they are the best, but it has a powerful processor and distinct which makes it take on a large proportion of the market. Samsung produces their own processors, although performance tests have shown in the past that the processors Exynos your company is comparable with the A series processors Snapdragon of Qualcomm.

However, that could change soon because, according to a report released today from South Korea, it appears that Samsung is looking to raise the level of competition through the establishment of partnerships with the likes of ARM and AMD. In case you haven’t heard about it before, the ARM is the company that developed the standard used by many manufacturers of processors such as Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung, Huawei and MediaTek.

For buy AMD, they are kept in the development of processors for computers, while Intel owns a significant share in the market, it has begun AMD processors in modern further progress. Thus, a partnership with the likes of Samsung and ARM also allows a company to AMD a way to enter the portable device market, a market which tried Intel itself find a place in it, but ultimately failed.

We’re not sure of the type of products that can be produced by this partnership or what if it’s good enough for the processors of Qualcomm and Apple TV, so if this is true, it will be interesting development we all want to watch it.


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