You might make a fortune now if you have the Fortnite game on your iPhone!

E-commerce now allows buying and selling anything, sometimes important and basic things, sometimes entertainment things, and other times strange things, such as selling the iPhone trade on which the Fortnite game is installed after removing it from the App Store!

You might make a fortune now if you have the Fortnite game on your iPhone!

In one of the surprising and ironic incidents together, what happened after the Fortnite game was deleted from the Apple App Store, and users were unable to install it on iPhones and iPads.

Some took advantage of this conflict between Epic Games, the developer of the game and Apple, to reap some personal profits by offering the iPhone phones on which the game was previously installed for sale on eBay at inflated prices.

The prices of the iPhone phones on which the game is installed are some insane and range from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000, noting that they are originally used iPhone phones!

Someone offered a used iPhone 8 Plus with the Fortnite game at this price
Someone offered a used iPhone 8 Plus with the Fortnite game at this price!

There are also prices for these used phones at a price of hundreds of dollars, and their owners offer used iPhones with the Fortnite game as an added advantage to encourage purchase.

It is unlikely that a reasonable person would buy an iPhone at this exaggerated price for one game, and a temporary problem may be solved in the near future and then the game will return to the store.

Most of the iPhones offered in this way and these prices will probably not sell, but it was an opportunity to shed light on the way in which some people think of exploiting crises regardless of moral judgments in the matter.

This happened due to the difficulty of installing the game from outside the App Store on the iPhone and iPad, but it is possible to easily install Four Night on the Android system even after removing it from the Google Play Store.

Why was the game Fort Knight deleted?

Apple and Google's decision to delete Fortnite from the app store was caused by the company, Epic Games, which developed the game, adding the option to pay away from the Apple and Google payment system, noting that payments that do not take place through them deprive them of the commission estimated at about 30%.

Google Play Store and App Store policies stipulate that purchases and payments in apps and games must be made through the Google and Apple payment system.

The violation of Epic Games of these policies put Google and Apple in an embarrassing position, and it had no solution except for having to delete the game for violating policies and in the interest of its material interests. Currently, there are legal battles between the three companies to bring back the game.

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