You must be on the broadcasting services of Arab fit in?

Ready Disney to launch a streaming service via the internet which will allow Disney plus in November next, and this step is the entry of a player from the heavy weight Market broadcast maybe change him after Netflix was moving in for years. Where the entry of Disney’s shift in the broadcast market, the company possesses a large library of content (movies, series, and special programs).

In addition to the library of Disney’s own, full of cartoons like The Lion King and Aladdin and Mermaid, the company owns the Marvel Studios region the most powerful film heroes through the years to come, and Lucas film produced all about a series of six one, fox, in addition to ESPN sports, and all of this content will be part of the plus service when you move to flatter, and I don’t think that Disney will be all you have, they are able to license many of the films and serials that do not possess it like you do Netflix.

Constitutes entry of the Disney direct threat and a لNetflix which is talked about most of the analysts since the announcement of the service, and let’s not forget about Apple, which you are to launch streaming service the name of the Apple TV Plus, which was announced in March 2019, which is expected to be launched late in the year in the United States before you begin to tension for the rest of the world.

Have these companies substantial financial capacity, they are ready to divert billions to make their platforms. According to the Hollywood Reporter the Netflix spending more than$ 10 million dollars in the production of the content of their own TV series and movies in 2018, and he doesn’t dance is the largest, has spent Disney twice this amount and more.The presence of your own content protects you from falling under the mercy of the licensing system than the others, and gives you leaves to avoid exposure to it: take this show vs. that show.

In facing the Giants

The entry of Netflix and spread very fast in the region has proved that there is a yearning for the original content of the correspondence, such as La Casa De Papel or Stranger Things proved to be able to bring the participants, we have seen the latter by more than 40 million families in the first five days since its availability on the service, but pay some people to change in the subscription or renewal of subscription of Netflix to watch this serial, this may be due to the campaigns of Netflix promotional but still, excellent content has remains common for longer.

Approaching the entry of these large companies global conflict made me feel, I feel some concern, especially to local services and its ability to compete companies with the funds, the components of great content, if we glance at the alternatives to local hard you need to find a company feels it is able to reach these adults, even timidly.

If I wanted to hear months of broadcasting services to local – and I mean those that take from the Middle East-based – will call today posted, despite the existence of some other, you will hear about this service, or see it in the list of pre-installed software on your smart TV.

What distinguishes the witness is the power of Arabic content and some exclusive series like Sinners, which contributed to MBC in production (which is the parent company of Royal Witness) as to the service were able to license many of the Arabic shows and movies that you won’t find anywhere else, making it the perfect place for Arabic content.

What I liked in the MBC they are equipped to burn exclusive content, they over the years produced a lot of exclusive series their own, which we see mostly in the month of Ramadan. If you are watching the TV permanently you’ll notice that the company is promoting the service of a witness is always at the end of each series to attract people to the service, although the company did not disclose the number of subscribers plus the paid help but they have stated recently that the number of users, the total reached 27 million users and viewership in the paid service has increased by 64%.

If we assume that only 1% of subscribers watch pay for the service plus it makes the number of participants 270 thousand subscribers, a figure which is not bad compared to the service today that celebrated the recent arrival to the million subscribers, while Netflix has not acted on the number of its subscribers in the region, say that it surpassed 3 million subscribers in 2018 , i.e. they have more than twice the number of users today and watched, as analysts predict that the company continue to believe the market in the near term.

There remain shortcomings in the service of the witness which is the content of Western diversified who have Netflix, so we can look at Monday as a supplement for a few of them, but Netflix began to license the Arabic shows and movies that we have been watching their appearance on the service recently, and that it’s only a matter of time until the current licenses with channels and other services until we see more and more Arabic content on Netflix, this will constitute a threat for most of the broadcast services and the head saw وStarzplay.

I think it’s better for both the watch and today to consider the merger, all of the two companies are complementary for the border in the other, and saw bores for the MBC and its a lot will have the capacity to deal with the makers of local content and get exclusive content, while the concentrated force today to bring content West and possibly in the technical side, as it will be by today to benefit from the services of the O3 of the MBC, which may help them in producing their own series.

Because Netflix owns the market currently they are not interested in any acquisitions, and I think that Amazon is working in silence to think is the other in the purchase of any companies that broadcast in the current time, and because we both have a lot of money, their ability to speak for longer time may cause the throttle the rest of the competition in the near term and those who do not have the same resources, so the best decision might be taken by local firms is a merger to counter this tide not to lose in home soil.

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