You need to eat and drink to survive on Mars?

Most often we don’t even realize it, but our body is constantly training while walking, and even inaction. The average person usually weighs in at 70-85 pounds, and to keep this mass, different muscle groups are always in tension and therefore can’t completely subside. Unfortunately, the astronauts have no such passive training method body inside the space ships, their body is completely relaxed, so the weakening of their muscles is very fast. To prevent this, they are forced to exercise at least two hours, but the American scientists believe, that to preserve the health of the muscles is possible even with a special diet.

In the proposed scientists diet includes red wine, blueberries, peanuts and cocoa. All of these products contains a very useful substance called resveratrol. Plants use it for protection against parasites, and in the human body it fights inflammation and prevents the formation of tumors. In 1997, for example, the substance has proven its ability to stop the development of skin cancer in mice.

The benefit of red wine

In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, red wine and various nuts with the content of resveratrol can prevent and weakening of the muscles in conditions of weightlessness. To prove this, scientists from Harvard University suspended a group of 24 male rats to the cell ceiling and thus recreate the conditions of weightlessness, where animals do not need to exert effort to hold your body. Times a day the lab rats were given a mixture of the above resveratrol. Another group of rodents was not suspended, and drank plain water.

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For two weeks, the muscles hanging from rodents was significantly weakened, but this did not happen. The researchers tested how well lab rats hold things in its paws, and found that they remained as strong as normal ones. Miraculous effect of resveratrol is not yet possible to explain, but scientists believe that to maintain health muscles failed due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the substance.

Survival on Mars

Many probably had the question — where does survival on Mars? Scientists believe that without a special diet during long-term space travel and living on another planet not to do. In both cases, accustomed to the ground conditions the human body will be in the unusual environment where the muscles do not need to exert efforts to hold the body.

Trainer at the International space station

At the moment the crew of the International space station, supports the health of your body with the help of special equipment. However, the first people on Mars sports equipment will not, because it is necessary to bring from a distant Land, or build their own. All this will take quite a long time.

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It is quite possible to get to Mars and continue a life will allow these products. Also do not forget that during the flight, and even stay on the red planet, astronauts will be exposed to twice the risk of cancer. We can assume that red wine and nuts will be included in their daily diet.

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