You need to launch the application on her cell


Launched the Association of companies of information and communication technology “production” application on her cell to keep its members and relevant agencies connected with the work team in the assembly.

The application, which supports operating systems “Android, iOS, and seeks to provide members of the Assembly of all information, activities and news relating to “produce”, where the app is updated around the clock therefore to ensure delivery of information to the members of the Assembly at the proper time.

And you need in-app many sections which include: the members of the Board of Directors and team work in the production as well as partners to work with everyone, along with a daily calendar of all the activities of the Association and events to participate in.

The head of the Board of Directors in association “production”, Dr. Bashar hawamdeh said, on the launch of the app comes within the keenness of the “you need” to strengthen the bridge of communication with its members, so as to achieve the greatest benefit from the affiliation for the sector of communications and information technology in general.

Noted Dr. hawamdeh said, the app comes Assistant the channels of communication with the assembly, stressing that “you need to” seek in all ways to implement effective communication with its members in general and empowerment of found daily on the work of the team you need.

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