You say the focus of Apple on the beauty of the devices?

One of the main pillars for the representative for the Apple devices is the beauty of her designs, no one can deny that when it comes to design in the technical area for his first even users Android other systems don’t deny it, but it seemed to change a bit in the last two years when I became all of the devices come without talking to the police after, for example, after the launch of the Samsung phone its Galaxy S8 came the machine like a piece of glass one without a prominent camera asymmetrical knit outwear small company was one of the most beautiful phones of the time, if not pretty, pretty but Apple wasn’t late, said the launch of faith X in the tenth anniversary of the release of the iPhone.

Came phone by it’s lovely design and a whole new screen from edge to edge, but the protrusion of the camera was a bit big and there is a bump (note) Great regardless of its techniques, most notably the fingerprint scanner is the face but not brings people to it’s the most beautiful phone fast time until Apple users based on some form of device and it is not the prettiest, unlike the typically Apple design, but… IPhone X was almost the most sophisticated devices to drive in all respects and that it is also different from usually the Apple if we look at the hardware of the previous released from Apple like the iPhone 6 and 5 Didn’t have the biggest screen or the highest screen resolution or higher speakers or a lot of the bonus features, but she was the prettiest in terms of design is Apple hardware requires a sacrifice of all design?

Do you still design a priority for Apple TV?

When you launch the faith of the XS was one of the differences observed between it and the faith X is the inconsistency slots headphones bottom in order to put the lines to the antenna.

Some like to take the Apple to this place specifically to put the lines to the antenna sacrificial coordinate form of the heavens not only this, turn the latest leaks about iPhone next contains three lenses off the visibility of the box behind the device is the largest of its kind on faith.

The internet worked after the emergence of these leaks and a lot description of the design skin care but in return still leaks talking about the lenses will come benefits of unprecedented whom faith is like a lens with wide angle and normal and training visual.

Also, the Apple TV detects the Mac Pro new in its conference for developers , which became the design of the modern internet has been likened most of the mountain.

Design the chagrin of the other, but the device came like this to cool it as required, this device is considered the most powerful computer in the World Pro, is increased the concentration of Apple gear versus the design?

Still the rest of the other Apple devices all of

Everything we’ve said applies to iPhone but it is different when it comes to other Apple devices for example the iPad is the most beautiful tablet by the strongest performance and gets better generation after generation.

And Mac users as well and vice versa I preferred Apple to keep the design of MacBook skinny rather than amplified as compared to reducing the temperature of the device and lift but kept the voltage the pizza thin and light weight beautiful easy to use performance balanced.

Beauty is not only externally

Playing the external shape of an important role in the form of the device but the beauty of the system is an integral part of the machine form the consistency of the systems of Apple and all its applications is an area Apple still superior in which may result in some form of the iPhone devices but still Apple is keen on providing diverse pieces of glass and metal with powerful performance and the variety depends on the simplicity in its entirety.

And tell us, do you still see that Apple offers devices all or that competitors beat you to this field?

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