You want to document your account on Twitter? Here’s what you don’t know

Account verification Twitter for public figures and famous is a way to prove that the account is real and belongs to the company yourself and not someone else supports it, but this does not prevent that many want to document their accounts, whether on Twitter or on any website other social networking sites, to show their accounts better. It is clear that the company Twitter intends to on new steps regarding this tea with the passage of some time, according to what revealed by the company itself.

Document Twitter available to everyone soon

Stated the CEO of Twitter jack Dorsey that huge site intends to provide requested documentation accounts for everyone. The Executive Director described the system to accept location requests authentication failure where this comes after discontinuance of the web site to receive the authentication requests in full after the site documented account of the commander of one of the extremist groups.

The purpose was not to give credibility to the documentation

During the same broadcast he said the Director-General of the organization of David’s Jessica to documented accounts on Twitter was not from the beginning to support some of the accounts or give it additional credibility but it just in order to confirm the identity of the persons and not more.

Before the start of Twitter in the received authentication requests from the ordinary people in 2016, most of the accounts of famous personalities have been documented already, which made this confusion on the recipe Mr. David, who described that authentication became a sign of credibility without the will of the community.

The development of the situation to reach this resolution

We don’t have a specific date to allow for documentation of Twitter accounts, but these statements come after a number of events. In January stated one of the investors in the field of technology that every account on Twitter should be behind a real person away from the user name chosen for the account. Also appeared the idea for the first time in a tweet to one of the users of the site who said that the only solution for Twitter is to document all accounts.

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