You will be able to put a brand new OCTA-core Intel CPU on any motherboard with a chipset 300 series

About the upcoming new Intel leaks the last time it was a lot. But yesterday, the Network got the slides from the official presentation, so certain details we can now say with confidence.

To start, here’s the accurate characteristics of the three CPU, which should be out in October.

Overall, the data are consistent with what we already know. I note that in October there will be only these three models, and the rest of the desktop line of Core 9000 will be delayed until the first quarter of next year.

Further, in the slides you can read that OCTA-core processors do have solder under the lid instead of the bad things that Intel uses in recent years. But, apparently, it will affect only eight models, which is strange. If you offer solder, well offer it on all models.

And for many, probably the most important will be the fact that all new processors, including an OCTA-core will work in all motherboards with Intel’s 300. The main thing that was stock on food, and even enough budget H310, and here the company can thank. After all the ass-kicking it operates.

Overall pretty interesting release, only question is price. Core i9-9900K will clearly be much more expensive than the current Core i7-8700K offered for $ 360. I think the new flagship will estimate somewhere in the 450 and then $ 500 that will put it out of competition with AMD AM4 platform, but it will be dangerously close to the younger CPU Ryzen Threadripper.

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