You will be available services and Google apps on phones for Huawei mate 30’s?

Once the ad Huawei for its new series mate 30 was the first question from a fan of the Chinese leading “will provide services and Google apps for Huawei mate 30’s?” Or it will be a new series without Google or Google images or the Assistant Google or even YouTube?!

هل ستتوفر خدمات وتطبيقات جوجل على هواتف Huawei mate 30 ؟You will be available services and Google apps on phones for Huawei mate 30’s?

This question put the Huawei in trouble, especially as they launched the new series is already without the services of Google, only that this version that was released currently for the Chinese market only, which doesn’t exist already Google services within them.

The global markets decoding talk about the launch of version own later, without talking about how the possibility of availability of services and programs Google on the global release of the series for Huawei mate 30.

However, a report published by the website Android Authority based on the modern Group president of Huawei, noted that Huawei is ready to deal with the American companies and buy their services as soon as lifting the U.S. ban, which confirms the intention of the Huawei add Google services to phones new as soon as the lifting of the ban.

But what is the fate of the Huawei mate 30 if you did not lift the ban?

According to Trump, The Last think America to use Huawei as a bargaining chip between us and China to get some additional features, it is believed President of Huawei that this is the real reason to ban the company.

Therefore, there is a high probability of arrival of both countries to the new trade agreement followed by the lifting of the ban on giant telecommunications of China, and thus a return to normality.

Despite the lack of Google applications and services, says the head of the group that the company plans to ship up to 20 million phone model Mate 30, mostly within China.

In the end, keep the answer to a question that has puzzled many lovers Huawei info until reaching a final solution to the problems between America and China, which will be days soon.

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