You work for Huawei on a system of its own? And what is the future of phones? A special interview with the group head of Huawei’s consumer business in the Middle East and Africa

هل تعمل هواوي على نظامها الخاص؟ وما هو مستقبل الهواتف؟ لقاء خاص مع رئيس مجموعة هواوي لأعمال المستهلكين في الشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا

It is no secret that Huawei is rapidly growing year after year, not only in its sales, market share, ranging from second to third in the world –even locally in the Saudi market – between the results of the quarter and another quarter, and even in the quality of its phones and addenda to the real, from the quality of manufacturing and design, to the capabilities of a smart phone add a real difference to the user, which is what we saw with the family of phones dead 20.

So, nice job meeting with the master: Jian Jie, Group Head of Huawei’s consumer business in the Middle East and Africa, and in the questions varied between the dead 20, and Huawei’s future in the areas of several anniversary artificial.

In the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Jia to the size of the previous request, adult phone dead 20 Pro compared to its predecessor dead 10 Pro, where poverty increased tenfold, lacking here, to design the iconic to the innovative to the dead 20 and specifically the area of rear-cameras, as would any person that you hold in your hand a phone from the family of the dead 20.

  • We saw the Huawei Watch Watch GT NEW that you unleashed. running Lite OS your do with, I think it’s a good step for the hours –since it’s still a new market – but what about phones Huawei? Does the company operate on its own system phones? Last year I asked Mr. Bruce Lee City series phones dead, the answer is no, what about your answer today?

We don’t have any plan to do so until now, but if you ask: Do you have Huawei power? Yes of course we have it, but it’s not about the capacity only, it’s about the(Ecosystem – integrated system) also if it is ready, it’s about bringing value to the users, if it will bring value, yes, let’s do it, but if not, why?

At the same time this does not mean that we do not have the strength or ability, we can, but we also look for addendum and take that we to the users.

Back to basic for bringing value to the users, if we talked about the hours Watch GT and our own, if I watch all the smart watches you know that the battery is one of its problems currently, but hours Watch GT own card to win them all, time up to 14 days of use, so this is great value we bring to the users.

Mr. Jin also pointed out the issue of having the pen in a series of phones dead, and wondered again: is this will be real value to the user? Yes it may represent some, so we made a pen for this limited category of users –the dead 20X– but to offer a pen for all users? We do not have this expectation.

  • You will be provided a dead phone 20X in the Middle East?

No, we don’t surprise the user and keep it confused with the phones, and may not fit their needs, and by the way, is available in only two countries around the world, China and Malaysia.

  • What about the cameras three dead in 20? Do you have a view to visit her in the future? What are the addendum is real?

When we launched the first phone in the world the back with a double, mocked a lot of Huawei noting that the rear camera one good, so why increase the number of cameras?

Do you know? One of the global companies at that time were you want the presence of dual camera also on her phone, but it was delayed, do you know what the real reason? Because the issue is not that simple, if you own one camera, focus it and processed sound easy, but with a lens, it’s farther and harder than that, which is why companies continue to work it and solve it this time, I was racing to do so.

But with it it is not increase not only cameras but the real benefit is to be gained, which is what you see today in the phone is dead 20, there is a wide lens that shows you a big part of the scene in front of you, zoom optic up to 3 times, and Night Mode, close-up photography, this extras the fact that benefit the user in his daily life and make it more creative and, this is our work.

  • What we can expect more and more of the artificial intelligence in Phones Huawei? I think it’s impressive now, but what about the future in your phones?

At the moment our application of artificial intelligence in the phones dead. 20 the development of a lot, which offers great value phone compared to any phone on the market, but we are still not satisfied with the results so far, because we need to find more, so people find real value more and more so in their actions, and this is what makes us continue to invest in this area.

  • Where do you see the future of smartphones? Where to focus exactly in the direction of you?

Huawei is going consistently in three dimensions.

First of all: processors, their speed, their capacity and that of artificial intelligence.

Second: rationalize the consumption of energy, certainly you have noticed how the battery of our phones is excellent, what makes it superior to all phones, fast shipping, superior compared to all the techniques of rapid charging currently, we will continue to invest in this direction.

Thirdly: human-machine face to face, and one of the largest of its applications is now practically are the camera, the phone now is the eye literally, but she’s gone to the capabilities of more than that, they read the barcode, the perception in low-light conditions, related to objects, it’s a kind of thinking in phones currently.

Besides, he added, Mr. Jin of the investment by Huawei in research and Development year after year, as mentioned, if more than 10% of the total revenues of the company’s annual investment in research and development, which allows them to develop and add technologies more important year after year. In this the council has invested in a Huawei last year more than $ 13 million in R & D, accounting for 14.9% of the total incomes annual.

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