Your account in Instagram where they may have been leaking his data

Spread yesterday, many of the reports of the 90 million accounts Facebook cell security caused by attacking a famous social networking site through a gap in the feature “View As” or “share as”, which allowed the hacker to obtain login codes Facebook your users, what might they can control their accounts.

Facebook works to solve it fast forcing all users who are affected by the holes on the log out of the site, which is what makes these codes unsuitable for use after that, but, it is possible that the hijackers were able to exploit a number of accounts for a short time in order to steal some information and data, which is not yet certain, because the police investigation is still in its beginning without identifying the attackers.

Not a good idea.

The story continues today with the Facebook ad extensions impact of migration to application Instagram, in addition to a number of other services that can be users have made using their account on the social network in order to log in.

This has been confirmed Jay Rosa, deputy director of the Department of product at Facebook, on the extension of the impact of migration to outside the scope of the social network already, where it’s possible to access to users ‘ personal information to several other apps and websites such as Uber, Spotify and Airbnb, despite the non-confirmation of the fact of occurrence of any damage already through the ongoing investigations.

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