Your arcade home Capcom Home and Arcade coming in October


There is a company Capcom Japan learn from your arcade home Capcom Home and Arcade, and those who don’t know computers arcade or not they are giant machinery to run video games was administered through the coins, and famous production companies such as Namco and Sega and Capcom and SNK, and others.

The device will be released on 25 October of the current year 2019, and will feature 16 game of the masterpieces of police classics like Street Fighter 2 and Final Fight, and will contain components from Sanwa. You can see a list of games that will come with the device through the picture at the bottom.

The device will support HDMI port, and wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi for regulations competitors (Leaderboards), as will be simulated in the machine by FB Alpha. Pre-order the device is available for 230 euros.

Capcom Home Arcade

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