Your conversations on WhatsApp will be deleted.. how to save her?

Revealed Google days ago it will allow everyone using the storage space of Google Drive storage, which also talks WhatsApp without being an account of all these data within the free allowance of 15 GB per account under a new agreement between the giant Google and Facebook owners to develop WhatsApp.

But with the availability of this unfortunately will be some users to delete all conversations, which is what will happen if they don’t currently backed up on Google Drive will give users the loss of a lot of conversations and images that they want to be. The solution to this problem is easy and simple it is to do a backup of the whole conversations via Google Drive but ignorance of this news is perhaps the only obstacle to his true.

To make a backup of your conversations, including photos and videos, all you have to do is go to the settings and then select Chats, and then choose Backup to backup the cloud on Google Drive which can be set to automatic so you won’t lose your important data at any time whether now or in the future.

Despite the fact that this is the way to keep your data or conversations, there is another way to make a backup and regular backups on your phone’s memory which will open its case lost your phone, for any reason, so they are not the best way. Currently before I delete your conversations in November next it is best that you back up the cloud and maintain it in the future where it will be free and unlimited.

The backup of the talks is a feature that is not in the application WhatsApp is just food search you can find it in other apps but its definitely going to be apps use your phone and not servers such as Messenger so that your data on Facebook is stored securely on the servers of a private company unlike WhatsApp which stores the data on the phones users only.

Also in front of you a unique solution to not loss messages which go to the settings from time to time to make a backup copy of all data of the phone that seen messages WhatsApp and stored on the phone and other applications that work the same way.

The subject of your conversations on WhatsApp will be deleted.. how to save her? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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