Your guide to buy the processor the best computer system office in 2019

Expect a lot of choices in the processing units allocated to the computers desktop on the market, and in the following lines we use the best choice of candidate to support you in upgrading your device, or building a new system offers the highest performance.

The speed of the processor and the number of nuclei is a key factor in the improvement in the performance of the processing unit, where that will support the performance of the well-proportioned in the games, with user support in the implementation of a lot of skill in a shorter time, as some processors with a specific category of motherboards, while some require processors to a specific category of the scale.

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Company provided AMD during the financial period the new generation of series processors Ryzen 3000, and among them Ryzen 7 37000X, the وRyzen 5 3600X coupled with the processor Ryzen 9 3950X number 16 of nuclei which apply over the coming weeks in the markets, that this release comes with the highest performance.

The most important specifications and features which support you in the choice of processor is better

  • Are AMD processors and Intel choices first candidate users, including AMD Ryzen 2000 and the ninth generation of Intel processors, where Intel processors are good to support the 1080p resolution in games, it also supports the functions behave well also, while AMD processors perform well in multi-tasking support, editing the performance of the fastest video.
  • Processor speed is more important in the choice of the processor of the number of nuclei, the speed the bigger the processor will support the performance of the processor in gaming, while affecting the number of kernels on the performance of various tasks in a shorter time.
  • The last generation and the newest of the processing units is the best choice is always to the users, where they can support the user for a longer time so you can value and pricing high.
  • Should your choice in CPU with card, the screen of the selected configurations of the system from RAM and storage capacity, where you can’t choose configurations perform poorly with the processing unit characteristic performance high and also can’t choose the processing unit is weak with the other configurations the top.
  • I don’t need all users the advantage of overclocking in the computer systems office, where you can replace the advantage of overclocking the performance of the highest in the processor to comply with the value paid.

What is the best choice for you between Intel and AMD is?

I didn’t make AMD the choice of major in the processor until 2017, and then came processors Ryzen series Threadripper 2000, to begin with AMD in suitable versions of the Intel strongly, also moved to AMD to a new level in performance with processors Ryzen 3000 that provided the best level in the performance and standards of safety and protection from through a software patch offered from the company.

While Intel was a leader in the support systems that host the games in 1080p, where the Intel processors support the best driver to produce a higher rate of frames per second, with the screens that come with the highest refresh rate of the frames.

AMD also provided architectural Zen2 new that comes a greater number and tracks, so she can form a better support for systems assigned to the task of video editing professional graphic design.

What’s the point of changing the CPU in your system?

Depends your choice of the processing unit in your new system or if you upgrade the CPU in your current system, to identify target tasks that wish to complete the unit of processing new, open extension of the target and the level of pricing support you in choosing the version best for you faster.

Treatments targeting the main task at the price between $ 50 to $ 100:

Can this class of processors that supports the user in the video sharing, web browsing, and productivity of the traditional use of the word or the tables of initial data, characterized by these processors with two or four nuclei.

But in the case of planning your daily tasks the previous task, or in the case of your search for the processing unit supports do two of these tasks at the same time, you will have to upgrade to the processing unit stronger, and processors nominated in this category a series processors Ryzen 3, including the processor Ryzen 3 1300X or AMD Ryzen 3 2200G, and you can also choose the Celeron processors from Intel or Athlon 200GE low-cost AMD.

The Wizards host the games at a price between $ 150 to $ 250:

If the main goal was to upgrade your current system or building a new system is the experience of good games in the core games, you will have to choose between Intel Core i5 or Ryzen 5 from AMD, also require systems that host the games are mainly a good choice in the Realtek screen, as a substitute for the purchase of products high cost of the Core i7 or Ryzen 7.

Processors targeting the design, creativity and media at a price ranging between 250 to 350 dollars

Support this category of processors the user in the tasks of video editing and design, where this series features a larger number of nuclei in the processing unit, as it can be for this category to support the perform a smooth and fast in the diverse tasks that require robust standards and a better processing unit, and in this category you can choose Core i7 processors, the وCore i9 from Intel or Ryzen 7 from AMD.

Processors, host systems, workstations priced at $ 400 or more

And this category of processors, the top class support the organs and systems of the workstations and professionalism that require the highest performance in the processing unit, where can this category that supports tasks such as create 3D display, or video content in 4K, or tasks that contain a large database requires complicated processes, and in this category are processors Core X Intel وThreadripper of the AMD choice is better.

What is the best army in the units of the treatment?

Move all of the Intel and AMD per year on the launch of the processor modules that feature the latest architectural company, where the company introduced Intel this year is the ninth generation of processors, comes from Core i7-9700K and also the highest CPU Core i9-9900K.

While the company provided AMD latest generation this year from the processors Ryzen 3000 which includes each of the processors Ryzen 9 3900X, and Ryzen 7 3800X and also Ryzen 7 3700X.

On the other hand, the company launched the Intel released the last of the processing units possible Intel X in the previous generation, while come processors Threadripper high-tech from AMD in the second generation of the company.

How to read the model numbers of the processor and the version is?

The department has both the Intel and AMD versions of the processor between the good, average or best, where you start the first category of Intel processors in the Core i3, while the first category of good in the AMD processors in Ryzen 3, and then transmitted to each of the two companies in the top versions with Core i5 وRyzen 5, while the come versions the leading and the best in all of the Core i7 processors وRyzen 7.

Comes processor Core i9-9900K in the highest class of Intel processors, or the top-level performance superior in the Core i9-9980XE at a price of $ 2000, however, this category of processors no longer choose candidates for particular users with the level of pricing associated.

From another side comes the processors Celeron and Pentium from Intel to support users with the level of pricing low, while the AMD production line of Athlon at the same level of pricing, you are often wizards that come with the number 3 is the first category while comes available processors with the number 5 comes top of processors with the number 7.

Also following previous figures, which reveal the level of performance of the processor, comes the numbers reflect the generation of the processor, for example, comes processor Core i7-8700 of the second generation of Intel processors, where it shows the number 8, while come processors Ryzen 5 2600 of the second generation of AMD processors, how come the rest of the numbers to reflect the model of the processor, where they often come higher numbers to the level of performance of the best in the Wizard.

From another side reflects the letter “K” at No. CPU support CPU overclocking, while the crosses of the letter “X ” in the AMD processors for higher speed in the processor.

Do you need to raise the operating frequency in the processing unit’s?

Turn some users to skip the speed that have been mentioned in the specification of the processing unit, however, this procedure may lead to damage in the processing unit, but if you don’t need since the beginning to this choice in overclocking, you need to go to choice. at a lower cost in processing units.

And CPU possible the possibility of overclocking, increasing the speed often to systems containing the cooling technology of the highest, which necessarily requires spending more in configurations build computer systems.

Has made AMD a lot of new versions of the processing units with overclocking, while can burn the K in the Intel processors that will guide you to which processors support overclocking quickly.

What are the specifications of the main unit treatment? Any of these specifications are more important?

Operating frequency which is measured in unit of (GHz) and the speed of the CPU, also come to “minimum” to express the speed of the main processing unit, and the”maximum” for the maximum speed of the processor.

Nuclei come processors now the number of nuclei ranging from 2 to 32 of the nuclei, as Come most of the processors with 4 to 8 of the nuclei now, it supports all Windows specific functions in the processing unit, and the best choice for users in 4 of the nuclei.

Threads this reflects the number of operations that can be the processing unit to perform at once, which is often the same number of nuclei, however, most processing units support now feature multitasking.

TDP can be this symbol that expresses the maximum level of heat up to the processing unit, which depends on the unity of the fact, for example, comes processor Core i7-8700K بTDP up to 95 watts, which is the level requires a good cooling system in computer systems to efficiently cool the CPU or heat dissipating.

Cache the cache works to facilitate access to data and instructions, and divided this memory into three categories L1 and the category the fastest growing in memory until it is tight, and L2, which come at a lower speed but with more space, while the second category L3 perform slow and more space, but the cache does not most accurately represent the performance of the processing unit.

IPC is the symbol that expresses the instructions and the various commands of the processing unit, which vary from one processor to another even in the case of using two processing units of the same company or from different companies, or different architectural also, where the expression of each processing unit of its own, also does this icon appears in the specifications is often only that disclosed in the tests of the benchmark.

What is a more appropriate choice to the motherboard in the unit treatment?

If the user aims to upgrade the processing unit in the system without the need to change the motherboard, will the CPU be compatible with the motherboard socket, it can be done through choosing a new processor is equally possible for the processor the user currently.

Supports the latest generation of processors Ryzen and Athlon AMD socket uni-AM4 company supported until 2020, by the latest Intel began recently in the lack of support for the older generation of Motherboard in the new versions of the wizard, you will require to buy processor Intel’s new selection panel or a new also correspond to the design decision.

So in the end you will have to follow a specific curriculum to select a new processor for a desktop computer, dressed in the outset to determine the target frequency or the required functions of the system, and then determine the level of pricing for the processor and other configurations also, so you should expect the CPU in the new system with other configurations of the RAM, storage and screen, to achieve your goal in upgrading your system or building a new system in the PCs.


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