Your guide to mass how to move from iPhone Android – How to save all your files and data!

Buy a new phone is a happy event don’t talk much! But it’s tough when you buy a new Android phone and the original user of the iPhone, here is spoiling your happy day. the big problem is how to move from iPhone to Android, or iOS system for Android system, this is where your phone is iPhone you need data for many different type and space it is difficult to transfer it simply, but today we got your back! Where we’ll explain in this article How to move from iPhone to Android and transfer your data and files phone New new in the easiest way possible!الانتقال من آيفون لأندرويد

We have previously published an article How to transfer data moving from iPhone to Android and vice versa, and today in a new article looking forward to new things and more detailed’t looking forward not the past or in previous articles .

Some data do not need to look of the foundation!

Above all, you should know that some types of data do not need to be transferred from the foundation! Here we are talking about your accounts on social networking sites as well as applications, for example you can’t save the Facebook application from iPhone and Android as well as you can’t transfer your data from there to here, all you have to do is download the Facebook application and then login to using the email and password and you will see that all your data and files stored exist!

This type of data knows بالـCloud-based, i.e. all your data and files are already on “the cloud” once you are logged in to your account to comment on a new operating system you’ll find that everything in there! This rule can be applied to all applications and services that are used by some exceptions which we will give to you later.

The easiest solution to move from iPhone to Android

Some companies make things easier on its users, so that the interest of each company not be extended to your phone in data transfer files from his old phone to the new handset, which got it from the same company, here we find that some manufacturers of Android phones the apps are easy and simple to transfer files and data from their old phones, new phone, here are share them with you:

1- Samsung: Samsung already has its application with the name Samsung Smart Switch, this free app simple lets you transfer your files and your data from your old phone, whether Android or iPhone to any new phone you buy from Samsung, you can download the app from here.

2- HTC: HTC South Korea provides a similar solution not made by Samsung, which is the application from which you can transfer data and files from any phone iPhone or Android for a new phone from HTC, the app is available for download from here.

3- Google: Google in fact does not provide the application, but on the other hand allow you to transfer your files from iPhone to Phone Pixel camera of the new by connecting both phones to each other through a link to OTC, which already come in a box any phone new Pixels, all you have to do is connect the two phones to each other and then follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

• There are third-party apps outside many allows you to transfer your files from iPhone to Android, the most notable of these applications come from the company WonderShare, but these applications are unfortunately driven some high-priced, so we’ll skip them and begin to explain the way to transfer each type of data and files manually.

How to transfer contacts Contacts from iPhone to Android

The first thing you have to do it in this step and other steps is to register a new account on Google, and here you have to notice that Google account is essential to communicate with the Android system! Now make a Backup of an iPhone for your and then guide to and then there are the list of contacts, the Contacts and choose the contacts you want to transfer (or select all contacts) and then choose the option “Export vCard”.

نقل جهات الاتصال من آيفون لأندرويد

Now you save all the Contacts on the form of a vCard file which is the quality of file types to save your contacts, once you’ve saved the tops now to go to and log on to your new account and then there is also the list of contacts, the Contacts from the side menu, you will have to choose the option Import or import a lift file that you saved earlier in this has been to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android successfully.

نقل جهات الاتصال من آيفون لأندرويد

The transfer of SMS messages and conversations WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Note that unfortunately there is no safe way to transfer SMS messages and conversations WhatsApp from iPhone to Android or vice versa! Where to accomplish this task will need you to use an external application which may be able to pull your messages and where or found. All you can do is make a backup of your messages using WhatsApp on your iPhone and then start from new on Android, and in the case of the emergence of a safe way we will share with you without the slightest doubt. If you’re wondering about the lack of a way to move the talks WhatsApp simply because WhatsApp on the iPhone stores the messages on iCloud, the and does not allow you to load them to move them to James download!

نقل الرسائل والواتساب من آيفون لأندرويد

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Moving from iPhone to Android: transfer email, documents, iCloud

Is mail iCloud is easier than you imagine, you can be logged in on most of the applications of email management with ease, but may be your best choice and easiest is e-mail application traditional on any Android phone, this is because the login for the iCloud e-mail needs authentication type for IMAP and SMTP, but it’s not complicated at all, just open the email app and select log in through IMAP or SMTP and claimed your email and password normally as you can to know more from the Apple website.

As for documents, iCloud iCloud Documents you will need to move it only if you are accustomed to save documents to iCloud, and it’s simple here, just follow the following steps:

1 – Log into your account on iCloud via the website
2 – go to the tablet iCloud storage or iCloud Drive
3 – Select All of the documents that you want and download them in the normal manner
4. later you can transfer them through your computer to your Android phone to your new

Transfer your favorite browser Bookmarks from iPhone to Android

Transfer data from iPhone to Android isn’t complicated, and ever, we already transferred our contacts, documents, email, and now it’s time for my favorite browser, this method important to you only if you are using the Safari browser on your iPhone, but if you use the browser Chrome or Firefox, there is no need to implement this method, that’s because your data and favorite Your will be reserved already, both on your Google account for Chrome or Firefox account your.

To save your preferences and record which websites you visit, you first have to make sure that the data Safari is to sync via the account iCloud, and what you should do now is go to the settings on your iPhone and then Settings iCloud and make sure that Safari is enabled already. Now head to Settings, Safari on the computer and is accessible through the application download iCloud for Windows if you use or access to System Settings and then Settings, iCloud on the Mac system.

نقل المفضلات من آيفون لأندرويد

Now, we will assume that you are using the Windows operating system, here you have to login to your favorite Bookmarks on the application of iCloud and then Options or options, here select the Firefox or Chrome transfer favorites on any of them.

Click on Apply and then Merge here will tell you the app you need to install add iCloud Bookmarks extension for Firefox or Chrome whatever you have chosen and this addendum simply will transfer and sync all your preferences and data the Safari browser with the new browser that you have chosen.

All you have to do now is download the version of Firefox browser or Google Chrome on your Android phone and then login with the account that have registered login on the same browser on the computerand the browser will move the favorites that were saved on the browser on the computer with the mobile! And thus ends the command.

Moving from iPhone to Android: How to save your photos videos to?

This part may be more important for a large number of users, this is where photos and videos are the most important files and data for many, if you ask for the easiest way ever to transfer your photos videos between the two devices is through the application of Google Images, all you have to do is download the app on your iPhone and then login with the Google account you created in the previous steps and then activate the lifting of the photos and videos on Google.

Now after the end of the Hike Photos, Videos, and all you have to do is download the application to Google images on your phone new Android and log in with the same account you will see that all photos and videos are waiting for you! Surely you can download them and save them to the phone memory itself.

If you want the manual way will also be through the application of iCloud, all you have to do is connect your iPhone to the computer and then to My Computer if you are using Windows will be the icon of the iPhone exist, the log files the iPhone and then the DCIM folder to inside all of your pictures, move them to your computer and then click it again to your new phone working operating system Android! This will benefit the advantage of extra is that you make a backup copy of your photos on the computer!

نقل الصور من آيفون لأندرويد

Transfer music, songs and audio files from iPhone to Android

Here it’s easier, all you have to do is to make sure that all of your songs and your voice is on your iTunes account, and you need to download the Google Music Manager but was not available in my country, you have downloaded the application VPN. All you have to do now is to develop the Music Manager and then choose the option to Upload Songs to Google Play and select the lifting of the iTunes and app Google transfer your songs and your music smoothly.

نقل الموسيقى من آيفون لأندرويد

You can also use the same traditional method that we used with the images it is moved the music file completely to your computer and then transfer them to your Android phone, from the milk nice and useful that you can use also is download the Apple Music app on your Android device and then login it by using your Apple account, this way you will have access to all your playlists one directly! But living this way you will be able to download your songs for free, as well as the application of the Apple Music is a better app compared to Spotify order.

What do you think? And do you have any questions? And moved from iPhone to Android or vice versa anytime soon? We shared right now in the comments!

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