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Learning programming at the moment is no longer restricted to just specialists, but has become know nothing necessary skill and must be able to both willing to work through the internet from the Do, whether you’re an entrepreneur or possess a websites or a marketer or whatever your profession, you have mastered the skill of programming, therefore in this article we will talk about programming and software applications, and websites to learn programming professionally.In order for us to know how to use sources to learn programming first we have to know what is programming and what is the language code as follows:

  • First: what is programming?

Programming is a process of writing some instructions and guide some commands for your computer or any other device such as the reception of sound and image in modern communication systems or “readers DVDs” for example, in order to define the device how to handle the data and also the mechanism of implementation of many of the works that is required of them which fall under the rubric of “algorithm”.

The programming process based on rules and private language chosen by the programmer, as programming has many languages that differ in their characteristics that make them fit to varying degrees with each of the types of programs according to the tasks you are asking of these programs.

In other words, coding is about writing some code that required by the programmed computer to do certain tasks, for example when the person wants to search for a website the first thing you will do is open the browser and enter a link to a site that wants it, this browser is what he asked for the website that you want to you can access it here allows the browser to “program” in the sense that it has been programmed to any writing and so he can search for the location of what has been written of the Association, and this applies to all other programs.

  • Secondly: what language is the software for?

In the beginning we need a definition first meaning of the word language is a way of communication and understanding between people, and in the case of a computer language here means the way that turns him Human with the computer so he can implement what they are asked.

Language of software means a collection of words and terms used by a human as needed for each of them to request the implementation of some command from the computer, and finally translate all these languages to a language you do not understand the computer, the other is what is known as binary and is only “0 and 1 ” .

  • Third: apps for learning programming:

  • Apps learn programming for adults

There are many apps that aim to teach programming from scratch for beginners, among them the following:

  • The application solo learn

The application of solo and learn from the application of foreign wonderful that aim to learn the principles of programming, which is substantially similar to the platform Dulingo to teach foreign languages, particularly English in terms of style and design and also the line followed in learning.

Application helps solo learn users in learning how to build web pages through some of the training courses the mini, it also gives them space to work, “ ” Workspace view interactive training and the experience of the codes that they succeeded in this without the need to go to any external applications.

The application also allows the education of many programming languages such as “” HTML, ” “PHPوغيرهم from other languages starting from the said to the more advanced stages of them in an interactive manner through the direct application and then perform some tests and discussions between users.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free (Free+, Google Play) →

SoloLearn: Learn to Code (Free, App Store) →

  • The application of Swift Playgrounds

The Apple company Apple to issue a programming language open source under the name Swift with the aim of creating apps iPhone app running “MacOS”, the system “iOS“, and also the system of “Watch OS”, and also a system of “tvOS”.

The application of Swift Playgrounds learning platform training courses on programming in a way easy and simple in order to teach users the basic concepts of your language Swift step-by-step, through the use of a cartoon character, cost the user some of the challenges and tasks simple through a maze of digital is learning the spirit of fun, so in addition to a range of emoji and video games and bubbles animation.

Swift Playgrounds (Free, App Store) →

  • Application of Algorithms: Explained and Animated

The application of Algorithms is a free educational platform containing a huge amount of different algorithms varied, including ranking algorithms and clustering in bunches, and also data compression algorithms, etc., and all you need is to choose the algorithm that you want to learn to enjoy the company streamlined and fun. Considers the application of the Algorithms of the applications easy to use and is available in English and Japanese, which offers a simplified explanation of the algorithm through animation in order to facilitate understanding, the user after the learning algorithm to be used by yourself under certain conditions even increase his understanding not the application works on devices running the rarest Wade and also on devices running the ios.

Algorithms: Explained and Animated (Free, Google Play) →

  • Application to Encode

The application of Encode is an application that aims to teach programming in Java, through the use of interactive way to simple and easy in that it contains more than 20 a variety of lessons to learn the language of the University such as ” Functions” and “Strings” and other lessons fun.

The app offers in its paid version and many challenging levels and private lessons that help users more understand and learn the programming language side.

Encode: Learn to Code (Free, Google Play) →

  • Application Code hub

The application features Code hub that free application fully works in English and Indian languages, and help users to learn the language of HTML and CSS language, and the app provides a large collection of lessons in learning programming, which is divided into three levels namely the “entry level” and”average level” and”advanced level” this user can choose the lessons that he wants according to the degree of progress in programming.

Code Hub (Free, Google Play) →

  • Application Focus keeper

The application Focus keeper from months applications that seek to learn programming through user investment governance 35 or 30 minutes of time daily to focus on learning the principles of programming and its what started her in the arena in the field of programming, in addition to management technique Pomodoro.

One of the features of the application Focus keeper is that it works as an alarm to change it also helps the user to maintain a steady level of productive work.

Focus Keeper : Work & Study Timer (2,29 € App Store, App Store) →

  • Application Programming Hub, Learn to code

Applying a Programming Hub,Learn to code The best application that works to teach its users months code language in detail from scratch so respect where it offers a set of programming examples and study materials in addition to submission of applications compiler” ” which help the user to follow and see the code which says you can write on the test platform, and the most important features of this app that gives its users more than 1800 educational program including more than 17 languages for programming.

Programming Hub, Learn to code (Free+, Google Play) →

  • Apps to learn programming for kids

  • Application of the Scratch

It is a application was designed in 2003 by students of the Massachusetts Institute, has designed the app especially for children from the age of 8 years and 16 years in order to teach many of the skills related to the design of programs, including how fees and agitated and also how to add sounds.

ScratchJr (Free, Google Play) →

  • The application of Tynker

The application of Tynker of the best apps to learn programming Free the children by offering some lessons with a simple explanation contrasts with the children through a range of puzzles and games which requires to solve some of the instructions that include the principles of codes and programming.

The assistant to the levels that the app from easy to hard and then the hardest to ask the children more instructions to learn programming in a fun way and entertaining.

Tynker – Learn to code (Free, Google Play) →

  • Application Hopscotch

تطبيقHopscotch free application helps children learn how to program their favorite toys and also the fee of their moving this through the language of visual programming which is provided by the app, as it aims to train them on the basics of programming and teach them the organization and delivery of scientific required by any programmer in the programming.

Hopscotch: Make Games (Free+App Store, App Store) →

  • Fourth: sites to learn programming

There are many websites on the internet foreign ones and which aims to teach programming from scratch and even occupation, among those sites are:

  • Foreign sites

  • Website timezone

It is one of the sites to learn programming is completely free where it says the education of the user of many programming languages including HTML and Ruby and Python and JavaScript and CSS and in a way that is easy and fun through interactive end user to the software some of the applications on their own.

The site says the timezone on the division of the lessons that it provides to groups each containing a paragraph of questions and answers and also boasts a forum member to discuss the exercises with each other, it also provides training to the user so he can establish the sites using HTML or CSS before moving on to learn some other languages like Python and Ruby.

Visit the site here

  • Site Code

The launch of the site Code non-profit in 2013 under the auspices of a group of senior business leaders in the technical field in the United States in order to teach programming to all people around the world especially children and school students as it helps adults also to learn programming to start a career in the technical field.

The website offers a Code, many of the educational materials which are characterized by the ease and professionalism to teach the user a lot of things that pertain to programming, including how to build games and other.

Visit the site here

  • Website Team Tree house

Website is Team Tree house websites paid to learn programming through some training courses that are divided into varied units, as they contain the updated library includes more than a section of educational videos possible which helps the user to understand the principles of programming better.

It also has a forum for users so they can discuss what they have learned with each other, as well as offers the possibility to watch interviews that the site says made with professional programmers.

Visit the site here

  • Site Free Code Camp

It is a camp e-Training aims to learn programming through contributing to the activity of the charity by participating in the construction of some projects the state institutions, non-profit, including development of some applications or to solve some code problems real and then gain experience and add the projects that the user has made to its track record.

Visit the site here

  • Sites Arab

  • Site

It is one of the Arabic sites possible to learn programming language basic such as HTML and CSS and also PHP Advanced, a website that provides information and programming in a manner that is brief, simple and high quality.

Visit the site here

  • Site software

Is the website that teach the basics of programming by introducing some of the company’s proposals, which include teaching of programming and the basics of styling and also networking free, it also offers explanations through video.

Visit the site here

  • Network Abdullah birthday

It is a site that provide some of the training courses the comic to teach programming and Computer Science, designed to teach programming to beginners and also to develop their software.

Visit the site here

The Arab Institute for learning programming languages

Is the Arab Institute for learning programming languages is a location to provide suitable references and examples and also tests and free programming of all language, and also helps the user to know how to design websites.

Visit the site here

  • Sites to teach kids programming

  • Location Alice

The location is the Alice one of the most important sites that are designed specifically to teach children the teachings of the programming, where it is characterized by the sharing of information in a simplified manner and easy absorption, it also helps children to figure out how to work the story to the animation and also the way Software games and interactive displays.

Visit the site here

Site Waterbear

Have designed website Waterbear specially for kids beginners learn programming through teaching children how to configure story cartoon and games themselves by a set of codes and characters ready-made.

Visit the site here

  • The site Kodable

Is one of the websites that help children learn the principles of programming in a simple manner commensurate with their age, it does not need to know children to read because it is designed especially for children at the age of five years, as it offers a lot of ways for games and children’s programs.

Visit the site here

  • Fifth: some of the channels of YouTube to learn programming

  • Foreign channels

  • Channel Derek Banas

A channel designed to teach everything about programming types of languages, through some videos that provide detailed explanation for all clear, as they provide all the tools and free educational use is responsible for channel to learn the Japanese language.

Visit the channel here

  • Mask Tree house

Think sniper Tree house one of the most important foreign channels that care about the education of the programming on the website youtube “YouTube” through the provision of a lot of videos that contain educational programs to teach everything about programming professionally.

Visit the channel here

Channel TheNewBoston

Channel is TheNewBoston is one of the gates of knowledge with programming that helps its viewers to sail in the world of programming through a lot of videos that explain the teachings of the programming is simplified to fit with the beginner in learning programming.

Visit the channel here

  • Arabic TV channels

  • Channel zeros web school

With Channel zeros web school can learn programming the right way what Academy detailed you explain everything about programming in detail and in a manner simple and smooth.

Visit the channel here

  • Channel Khaled saadani

A channel to teach programming in Arabic for all those who want to aid programming and the principles of Arab youth in a simple way and has got Khaled saadani “site owner” on the award of the Microsoft “MVP”.

Visit the channel here

  • Academy hasson

The Academy hassouna one of the channels of YouTube that are interested in all terms of programming, it will aim to Distance Education with high accuracy so can the viewer do the work on their own in the technical field, and through the course web site includes many of the proposals detailed in all terms of programming languages, it is worth mentioning here that the channel have a website of its own also, and for the viewer to register it so he can take advantage all it has to offer.

Visit the channel here



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Your guide to Tea to learn programming professionally.

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