Your guide to using lens Google is important for all students

Lens may be the Google tool is very useful for students thanks to his ability to identify the elements of the real world, and smart text, which you can copy texts by the camera.

How do you get to apply the lens of Google?

The app was available only to users of the phones pixel 2, but become comes to applying the main camera to the phones of Sony, LG, Motorola, Nokia, oneplus, ASUS, Shawnee and more Chinese companies, did not find his application of the camera you can download from the store Google Play if your phone of the companies mentioned.

Copy and paste the text applying the lens of Google

1) Open the application lens of Google or click on the icon lens Google within the camera application

2) click on continue

3) Select the text you want to copy as the spoken texts on your phone

4) Click on the Copy button which is on the list above.

5) Open the application or document you want to paste the text

6) Click and hold in the typing indicator where you want to paste the text

7) click on the Paste button

Use the lens of Google developed the Google image

Photos Google supports the best way to use Feature Selection smart, But what distinguishes the Google image also it is already installed on most Android phones, and suspected to be of the phones that support lens Google the above, and using the built-in water application to extract text from existing images on your phone the steps:

1) Open the photos app Google

2) Open the image that you want to use text

3) Click on the icon lens Google bottom right.

4) Click continued

5) Select the text for the hold and then drag up and down, and then copy the

7) Open the application or document that you want to save the text out.

8) Click and hold on the index writing and pasting

Finally, can lens Google recognize good writing English printed as well as printed Arabic naskh the other lines difficult to distinguish, and find it difficult to distinguish the handwriting of English and learn almost on the line of the hand.

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