Your Helios 700 allocated for the games comes from the Acer design slide

Revealed Acer about the laptop Helios 700 allocated for the games, which comes to designing slides for the keyboard, as the company announced the annexation of the device Nitro 7 to its line of production of the custom hardware for games.


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Funky design in custom hardware for games ahead of Acer in the conference, which was held recently, where the device came Predator Helios 700 keyboard slide-out experience of trying to PCs, where supports this design process better cooling for the computer, it also offers the user experience more comfortable in the games.

And Acer PC Predator Helios 700 possible better in the Realtek screen between RTX 2070 or 2080 from NVIDIA, also supports this version of the ninth generation of processors it who didn’t know about it officially until now.

This is Version One of the gaming devices are unique and made from Acer, which comes on like your Predator Triton 900 revealed during CES.


On the other hand, announced the Acer for the annexation of the device Nitro 7 to its line of production of devices intended for games, which is the size of a very skinny size less the thickness of the Nitro 5, as applies also to the ninth of Intel processors, comes Nitro 7 also the new version of the Realtek screen GTX from NVIDIA.

And your Nitro 7 a good choice for those looking to experience games in quick games when Display Resolution 1080p, where it is expected that this release comes early screen GTX 1660 Ti or GTX 1650 that were not officially announced by NVIDIA until now.

Projections indicate that Acer is on its way to launch the update for each of the two Nitro 5 and Helios 300, the update processor chip Intel of the ninth generation also, with the Realtek screen RTX 2070 Max-Q.

It is scheduled to start for Acer in selling your Helios 700 in the month of July at a starting price of $ 2700, while the true Nitro 7 in the month of June at a starting price of $ 1000.


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