Your Moxie is the first phone in the world dedicated to the book and its price is $ 199


Spread of smart phones strongly between users around the world during the past years, however, the saturation of the market, which is what made there are new types of smart phones, such as phone Moxie new ad hoc book, which was developed by two of the developers of PET lovers who wanted to create a smart phone for those animals in most houses, is the camera able to broadcast what it deems your pet directly to the phone owner.

جهاز الكلاب MoxieYour dog Moxie

According to “mirror” the British, the device is a circular tool attached to the dog collar, and integrated speaker adjustable dual call, and like phone that protects its human, which is called the communion between dog and owner is remote and control.

جهاز MoxieYour Moxie

New phone has been launched in a campaign on the website Kickstarter to crowd-funding, which was intended to collect donations of $ 15613$, and allow the owners to collect this amount in less than 25 days, is scheduled to be its price on the market in August of this year for $ 199.

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