Your phone does not record your voice.. but your screen

One of the most famous conspiracy theories is what if a smart phone registers the images without our knowledge or not? A new study from the United States and specifically from the side of the north east in Massachusetts, trying to answer this question in a new attempt, but to what may be prescribed?

Came to the last conclusion of the research that the answer is “no” because they have not found any evidence that the smartphone registers the images, despite that what was found is probably more dangerous than that. According to the official documents for this research researchers have found that apps can do to take photos from your phone and also without that they need to give their permission to do so from the foundation, which is a great danger if what is stated in these documents.

This may pose a significant risk to everyone as possible so get your passwords plus data bank and maybe special things the cops don’t have to know anyone else.

And the search is limited to the study of the possibility of it only but also are for apps are going to use this possibility and what has been found is a surprise where they are used applications such as the application supports GoPuff private data of users obtained through the image of the company and then send this data to Analytics company called AppSee. For example, in an audio decoder data are the only ZIP Code which is not Data serious but who knows what appears on the screen when taking a picture?

She said AppSee reply to it by denying that they provided in that at GoPuff as this step says violation of terms of service بAppSee and conditions of Service, Shop Google Play also. The GoPuff has fast delete the part بAppSee distraught applied with the modified terms of service, whether on Android or iOS.

And how the team of researchers tested a large number of applications reached to 17 thousand application, we used the ten smart phones connected to the computer it randomly experience the application as though the person using it and then says one of the researchers analyzed the use of the software for the smartphone, where it has been creating a lot of waste.

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