Your phone does not register your voice, “always”

هاتفك لا يقوم بتسجيل صوتك "دائما"

If you who always complain that smart phones recording conversations users always, maybe you should step back on this matter. A lot of research of different failed to reach any evidence of that, so that if the phone records data it is not possible to hide the save data if it was possible to decrypt it.

Your phone on the table or in your pocket and talk to one of your friends about something you’d like to buy it, then at night or the next day to find a declaration similar to Facebook, the report of that phone that causes it, and start remembering that phone has a microphone it is possible to record your words. All these positions seem to Barranquilla from the control of technology is no more.

In addition to the lack of any evidence on the phone recording your voice, try the big companies to clarify your position on this so that Google and Amazon offer the possibility to view the audio files that says assistants artificial intelligence recorded with possibility to clear it completely, but Facebook has confirmed officially its failure to record the audio through the app. Google and Apple also put restrictions on app to prevent them from recording audio without the knowledge of user and system Android to prevent this fully.

The legal side is also due the failure of any of the big companies do it, but Google has learned the lesson before that, after the follow-up activity, the user through the browser while Facebook may have learned when you discover the company has compiled a record of contacts of the user. An error like this is not enough to reduce the number of users of the products of the company only, but that would lose billions and lose their users and aim fully in a world that doesn’t belong in the competition.

Scandal Cambridge Analytica that hit Facebook was the best proof of that, well that defeated the Facebook as soon as the cause in the leak data without deliberately didn’t hit the police unit. it was a warning to any company that could think only in compromising user data without clarity and without his knowledge of it. This certainly does not end the occupation in full, but he makes it hard no doubt and its consequences is very clear, especially since we as users give these companies a lot and a lot of free information.

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