Your phone next might be the camera 48 megapixel

With the decline of company Sony in competition for the camera best smart phone is great because of the Dual cameras and some new competitors, the company disclosed today by the sensor IMX586 which it is possible to live it to the fore capable of imaging extremely high-quality with the improvement of the quality of images captured in low light are extremely large.

Comes sensor IMX586 accurately 48 megapixel camera to take care of all of the phone P20 Pro from Huawei that comes with a camera of 41 megapixel camera phone Lumia 1020 from Nokia is the camera that got the accuracy to 40 megapixel. The improvement in image resolution will lead to better photos more detail when taking pictures in the presence of sufficient light.

As for the images taken at night using a Sony idea which has been implemented by making the sound the best when lack of sufficient light, where the points are accumulated in one pixel to make the image better and accurately less.

Despite the lack of use of the Sony all cameras in the back of the phone during the financial period except that the Xperai XZ2 Premium is the first phone with a camera with double the company. One master for the colors and the other is monochromatic which is the use that started Huawei 2016 phone P9 to begin after more than a company report.

Xperia XZ2 Premium was disclosed last April, where the phone offers a 4K screen and a slide Snapdragon 845 soc. And phone cameras background of the two strictly 19-megapixel and 12-megapixel camera whereas the second is monochrome and give Sony the possibility to the user to use alone to take pictures in one color. As for the front camera of your phone came with 13 megapixel.

Provided Sony recently announced a number of new features for the camera including slow motion and other features that keeps Sony out access for the top spot again. Phones Pixel, phones Huawei, maybe they are the first obstacle. poor currently to get to it so that the Pixel 2 after its release has become standard practice for phones to come Huawei a number of creations of which 3 cameras in the back of the phone.

Have you ever owned a phone from Sony Xperia? Are you waiting to take this step soon? Tell us through comments at the minimum.

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