Your Project Scarlett coming from Microsoft will be able to run Xbox One games


The company Microsoft is adding new titles to the catalog of old games compatible with versions of Xbox latest. After adding more than 600 game Xbox and Xbox 360 to the list, the group is focusing now on the next-generation Xbox, currently known by the name of the symbolic Project Scarlett.

Says Jason Ronald, director of partnerships at the Department of Xbox inside Microsoft : ” we are now shifting our focus to help make the games you love to play on the Xbox One compatible with Xbox future, “ he added : ” after this week, we don’t have any plans to add Xbox games and Xbox 360 additional to the catalog on Xbox One “.

Company is committed to Microsoft now running all of Xbox One games on your law knowledge, as we have said previously the name of the symbolic Project Scarlett, along with games from all four generations of the Xbox. Despite the fact that the catalog of old games may be over, Microsoft would add a lot of games because it is geared towards enhancing the compatibility on a Project Scarlett.


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