Your Project wow the latest from Microsoft will support Xbox accessory current


The problem is mostly with the new generations of home consoles is that they come in new designs and use new protocols which makes flying old non-compliant. This is the case with each new generation is released, but since it is not issuing a new generation only after several years, it seems it’s as if the players don’t need to spend a lot of money in short periods of time.

However, I have Microsoft some good news for potential users for your Project Scarlett law of the company. During his interview with Windows Central in its annual E3 2019, confirmed the director of the Partners Program at Microsoft, Mr. Jason Ronald That Your Project Scarlett will be compatible with the Xbox accessory current, and will not only on Xbox One Only.

According to Mr Jason Ronald, it has stated by saying : ” As we said on stage, we’re four generations of content for Project Scarlett, including all games on Xbox One, games Xbox, Xbox 360, and we don’t want this just to work, we want them to work better on Project Scarlett. All your accessories will be compatible as well. If I went out and bought a hand control wireless Elite Wireless Controller or Series Two Controller, they are going to be compatible with Project Scarlett “.

In the case if you don’t respond to the topic, The Project Scarlett is the code name released by the company Microsoft is currently on a her home the next. Revealed to us Microsoft has already many information about this device, and confirmed to us that it would be stronger by about four times of your Xbox One X the current. It is also expected to reach the market later this year.


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