Your PS5 will come with a weight is very high

Sony has officially announced several months ago about the specification of the inner gear for your games region the PS5 which will boom compared to the PS4’s current, later within the conference, the last the company unveiled the design of the device which consists of two colors are black and white with touches of blue.

After the company unveiled the design of the device users started comparing its size and the size of the previous generation and also the organs of other games the first thing they noticed is that the new machine is significantly larger than the devices of the other games!

PS5 size comparisons are leaving gamers in awe at the size of this ...

Later, Page appeared pre-booking for the device on Amazon, and through the information contained on that page, you have to know that the PS5 is not a device that will carry a lot this is where it weighs 4.78 kg! This weight is heavier than the PS4 up to 2 kg! Of course, that big weight comes to the cooling system which will put the device due to the components of the internal leading.

Source: Gizchina

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