Your Xbox Series X will feature the resumption of games after the restart

Restart your Xbox Series X will not affect the completion of the games in the future as determined by Microsoft.

جهاز مايكروسوفت Xbox Series X سيضيف ميزة استئناف الألعاب بعد إعادة التشغيل

Microsoft announced two days ago about some of the specifications is important which will come by the gaming device Xbox Series X when it was launched, to come now and talk about more advantages on the lips of Larry Here, director of games programming in the Department of Xbox, about the possibility of the resumption of games after the restart of the device.

Your Xbox Series X will allow users to resume play after the restart, moving the game to the other and back again, or even stop playing.

Usually gaming computers to restart after the updates arrive or the presence of a technical glitch, and therefore will prevent the water loss of user effort to return.

Microsoft has added a feature back in the game after the reboot for Xbox One but now its progress more comprehensively in several modes.

On the other side, glimpsed, program manager in the Xbox, Jason Ronald, that the upcoming device will add the tracking ultrasound is a new term appears in the gaming world, maybe Microsoft is looking to strengthen its position in the gaming world and to increase pressure on Sony, especially since they already talked about the advent of its device with the new tracking feature X display which is a revolutionary leap in video games.

Recall that a new Xbox will come with a processing power of about 12 teraflops thanks to processors Zen of AMD Core RDNA2.


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