You’re lying: Chapter Binance has denied the information about 400 bitcoins for listing on the exchange

Last week, the co-founder of the platform Blockchain Expanse Christopher Franco saidthat one of the world’s largest exchanges of bitcoins Binance requires 400 or $ 2.47 million at the time of listing tokens. According to the businessman, such a figure, he was voiced by a representative of customer support when he addressed the staff of the marketplace.

Now the CEO of Binance said charges Franco. He denied the amount indicated by the entrepreneur, adding that the exchange will not add to the listing “sidony” even for 400 bitcoins. His statement leads CCN.

How much is a listing on the exchange

In his Twitter Zhao wrote that Binance never discusses issues associated with listing tokens on the exchange, by e-mail. It always happens during a personal meeting of the representatives of the trading platform the client.

We do not communicate with clients about the listing via email, and especially do not charge for this service in bitcoin. Before displaying the coin on the market, you should learn how to distinguish spoof mail from the real emails.

Zhao added that the main criterion for listing on Binance — not the amount of money that will be paid by the organiser of accommodation and the quality of the project.

We will not add on Binance sidony, even if we pay 400 bitcoins or more. The best proof of this is the fact that ETH, NEO, XRP, EOS, XMR, LTC added to the exchange for free.

Earlier, Franco said the amount of 400 bitcoins he called the employee Binance in the correspondence by e-mail. Such taxes, the exchange is an affront to the cryptocurrency community, he added then.

If Binance wants to charge 400 bitcoins per listing, that is their right. They seem to have the greatest volume of trading in the world. The output token to the trading platform usually leads to increased osvedomlennosti about them. But if so, just say, “we are expensive”. Why lie?

It is unclear who is right in this situation — it’s possible that Franco was a victim of prankery, but the head Binance also can dissemble. Seem to find out how many are actually worth listing on the stock exchange of tokens can only be on their own experience.

If you have, share your numbers in the best cryptodata of the country.

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